Hispanics accused of beating to death a stepfather who raped his 9-year-old sister would face the death penalty

A room for executions by lethal injection in San Quentin State Prison in California.

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The young Hispanics, two of these brothers, accused of beating the stepfather to death in Texas after learning that he had sexually assaulted the 9-year-old sister, face the death penalty for the events.

At a conference Tuesday, Pharr Police Chief Andy Harvey explained that the charges he would seek capital punishment against the suspects are because the victim, identified as Gabriel Quintanilla, 42, was kidnapped when he was placed in the back of an F-150 pickup truck before being abandoned in a field. In addition, according to the evidence handled by the authorities, the brothers stole property from Quintanilla.

“Our job is present the case and pass the data to the district attorney’s office and they will present the case at another time”, said Harvey in the meeting with the media. “We continue to investigate that and that is why it remains open to provide even more data to the district attorney to have the case they need to pursue whatever charge they want to pursue,” he said.

for the murder the brothers Alejandro and Christian Treviño are accused, also a friend of both, identified as Juan Eduardo Meléndez; they are all 18 years old.

The police chief confirmed that against Quintanilla he had a complaint since 2019 for sexual abuse continuous to a minor, who would be the half-sister of the accused.

“That was about an unrelated case that we were made aware of in 2019 that involved someone else, another victim,” Harvey stated.

Harvey specified that the incident occurred between 2014 and 2016 and detectives had enough evidence to issue an arrest warrant against Quintanilla, but they could not establish his whereabouts.

“Detectives went out looking for Quintanilla at that time, but they couldn’t find him,” the police spokesman explained. “They searched the last known residence, they went to their mother’s residence multiple times,” he said.

The Click 2 Houston report specifies that only Christian and Meléndez would be the ones facing charges leading to the death penalty. However, the three face aggravated assault charges and involvement in criminal activities.

On the day of the events, the attackers hit Quintanilla in at least three separate incidents.

After being assaulted a third time, he was placed in the back of a vehicle and thrown into a field in McAllen. Authorities believe the victim was still alive when he was abandoned.

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