Hispano, prime suspect in killing a Texas agent and wounding two more, Houston police said

A police officer was killed and two others injured in an ambush outside a Houston nightclub.

Photo: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

Early this Saturday, three Texas police officers were ambushed outside the nightclub. Houston’s North Bar and Lounge located on the North Freeway near Crosstimbers while investigating a disturbance.

The Houston Police Department held a press conference where they reported on the events and gave a hypothesis: “We believe they were ambushed, that they were shot in the back.”

Houston Police Deputy Chief Executive Officer James Jones revealed that at the scene a person was detained by the authorities, but did not indicate precisely whether it was a suspect or a witness.

He also confirmed that the events occurred around 2:15 am: “It turns out that it could have been a robbery in which they were participating, probably unknown to them at that time.”

At the press conference they also reported that the policemen were trying to make an arrest when they were ambushed and shot.

The three officers, whose identities were not disclosed, were taken to a hospital, where one died and the other two underwent surgery.

The officer who was shot in the back went into surgery and later the officer who was injured in the foot would.

For its part, Precinct 4 agent Mark Herman regretted the events and asked for a prayer for the families of the agents: “This is a difficult time. I am asking for all the thoughts and prayers of our community for our families. “

While it is not yet known who shot the officers, the assailant is believed to be a 20-year-old Hispanic.

James Jones asked anyone with information about the attacker to contact Houston police to take him into custody.

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