H&M employee in New York shows lice on store clothes

Out there we have heard the recommendations of some people who suggest always wash new clothes before putting them on because we do not know exactly what may have “hidden” among the tissues or where it was before reaching the department stores.

And the story that went viral a few days ago on Twitter seems to fully agree with this recommendation, because surely when you see the following images you are never going to release something without first washing it.

It turns out that On Twitter, an employee who worked at an H&M store in New York, in revenge for some situations experienced while working in this place, decided to show the carelessness of those in charge of the business by showing clothes that are sold there full of lice.

“I work at H&M at Oculus at World Trade And today a customer discovered lice on a rack of hooded sweatshirts. They won’t close the store or notify employees of the problem. The section was simply blocked, ”the employee wrote in her tweet.

As expected, these images caused outrage and various reactions among Internet users, to such an extent that said publication reached the level of the worker’s bosses, which led to her dismissal at the end of 2021.

“Thank you to everyone concerned about my job loss. My last day is Friday December 31st (I quit because I hate being there) Follow my business page on IG @Choyssentials, ”wrote the young woman.

The former H&M employee assured that what bothered her the most was not the fact of the dismissal but that the managers of the store and the owners of the Swedish brand had not executed any action plan to repair the damage, describing it as a minor problem.

The images have gone viral and have received thousands of comments that applauded the girl’s courage in reporting the fact, despite the consequences that this could bring.

H&M decides to close store in New York

Days after the embarrassing scene that went viral was revealed, an H&M representative gave an interview to the Daily Mail stating that they had decided to temporarily close the designated store in New York in order to properly disinfect it.

“We take customer and employee safety very seriously. As a precaution, we have closed the H&M store in Westfield World Trade Center to investigate further, ”stated the representative.

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