Hockey star passed away

  • The death of a former NHL player has been announced
  • Jimmy Hayes passed away at age 31, survived by his wife and children
  • The causes of death have yet to be revealed

Tragedy in the NHL! It was announced the death of player Jimmy Hayes, who was in the NHL. The 31-year-old former player died unexpectedly on Monday, he is survived by his wife and two children, who are extremely devastated by the death of the young man, who retired in 2019 from the National Hockey League.

The causes of his death have not yet been released, but it is not suspected that it was due to an attempted murder. So far, different messages have been transmitted by his friends, followers and Hockey pages; in fact, his death was made known by the Boston College Hockey account, who made the sad event known.

Former player Jimmy Hayes dies: player’s death was announced

Former player Jimmy Hayes dies: player's death was announced
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According to the Boston Globe, Jimmy Hayes, 31, died unexpectedly Monday morning, astonishing the hockey community in and around Boston. He did not suffer from any disease, nor are there any signs that it was a suicide or homicidal attempt, so his death surprised the entire public and of course, the family of the former player.

Without a doubt, his departure left more than one person seriously confused, since a couple of days ago on social networks he had appeared and looked quite good, so rumors have arisen in the community of followers that the young former hockey player had , who sadly passed away. Filed Under: Former Player Jimmy Hayes Dies

Former player Jimmy Hayes dies: Cause of death unknown

Former player Jimmy Hayes dies: Cause of death unknown
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Until this moment, the causes of his death remain a mystery. Different media have indicated that they do not know what happened to the hockey star, but they do know that his death cannot be considered as an event that happened on purpose, so the family is expected to make a statement, expressing themselves about it. theme.

His death is not considered suspicious. The cause of death was not immediately available, according to the Boston Globe. Although of course, the investigations will continue in the coming days, which will be when the cause of death is revealed to his family, who will decide whether or not they want to talk about the issue. Filed Under: Former Player Jimmy Hayes Dies

Former player Jimmy Hayes dies: The authorities’ statement

Former player Jimmy Hayes dies: The authorities' statement
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According to the Boston Globe, the police only mentioned that they arrived at the former hockey player’s house, but unfortunately he had died, so the medical aid could not be used and they went on to investigate what had happened to the young man. who left his wife and children very mortified.

“Law enforcement and first responders declared him dead at his home in Milton,” said a policeman, who was present when the former player’s family requested help from 911, when the tragedy occurred. Sadly, there was not much to do for the man, who left at 31 years of age. Filed Under: Former Player Jimmy Hayes Dies

Former player Jimmy Hayes dies: Hayes’ career

Former player Jimmy Hayes dies: Hayes' career
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The media mentioned that Hayes played 334 NHL games for four teams, including the 2015-17 Bruins. He scored a total of 54 goals and 109 points for the Chicago Blackhawks, Florida Panthers, Bruins and Devils. He scored 15 goals and 33 points in 133 games for Boston.

He had a solid career within the hockey team, until in 2019 he decided to leave hockey and focus on other projects. In recent months, he devoted himself to his podcast, which was created to counter anecdotes from the games or other aspects of the lives of certain hockey figures, which made it popular. Filed Under: Former Player Jimmy Hayes Dies

Former player Jimmy Hayes dies: “Heartbroken”

Former player Jimmy Hayes dies:  "With a broken heart"
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One of the first to announce the player’s death was the official account of Boston College Hockey, with whom he had the opportunity to play for a couple of seasons and who always supported Hayes’ career when he was on the team. Like other teams, the BCH sent its condolences to the family.

“Boston College Hockey is heartbroken over the passing of Jimmy Hayes. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Hayes family. Filed Under: Former Player Jimmy Hayes Dies

“Our thoughts are with his family”

"Our thoughts are with his family"
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The Boston Bruins sent their condolences, saying their last goodbye to the former hockey player, Jimmy Hayes, who passed away this Monday morning and who surprised the entire community, by how surprising his departure was. Like the BCH, they sent their condolences to the Hayes family, who are going through this sad loss.

“The Boston Bruins are heartbroken over the passing of Dorchester native and former Bruin Jimmy Hayes. Our thoughts are with his wife Kristen, his children Beau and Mac, and the entire Hayes family during this difficult time.

“We are devastated”

"We are desolate"
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The Chicago Blackhawks team also spoke out on social media, expressing their feelings for Jimmy Hayes’ departure. The former hockey player had the opportunity to make his debut within his team a couple of years ago and they mentioned that they will always be proud of what happened at that time, alongside the player.

“We are heartbroken to learn of the passing of Jimmy Hayes. His warm personality had an immediate impact on the dressing room and with our fans. We are proud of the memories he made in Chicago, including his NHL debut in 2011. Sending our thoughts and prayers to his family, ”is mentioned in the Chicago Blackhawks account.

Jerry York stated about it

Jerry York stated about it
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Jerry York, who is the men’s hockey coach at Boston College, gave a few words about it in the matter of the former player’s passing, mentioning that he was really good at his job and that he remembered him as an extremely nice person, so that energy it could be expressed in his way of playing.

“A really good player. He won championships. He played in the National Hockey League. But when he was young, he was a nice person. Much of it comes from his family. An amazing family. Big city boy, you know? He has always liked that city, that tenacity of the city. ”, Commented the coach.

The NHL makes statements about it

The NHL makes statements about it
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Also the public relations account of the National Hockey League, sent its condolences to the family of the former player. They mentioned that they regretted the loss of Hayes and the games he had played, as well as what teams he played for and that his last team was the Bruins, who were always proud of their ‘star player’.

“The NHL family mourns the passing of Jimmy Hayes, who appeared in more than 300 games for the Blackhawks, Panthers, Devils and his hometown Bruins. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. ”, Reads the tweet, which the public relations page published this afternoon.

“We will miss you”

"We will miss you"
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The New Jersey Devils team page mentioned that his thoughts are with the player’s family, who are going through an extremely difficult time with the loss of Jimmy Hayes; the loss of the former hockey player impacted all his teammates, who have not hesitated to express their feelings about it.

“We are thinking of Hayes family and friends during this difficult time. His infectious personality and easygoing nature were contagious to everyone who spent time with him. He had a tremendous ability to make everyone feel welcome. We will miss you, Jimmy. ”, Reads the tweet they shared.

“It impacted everyone”

"It impacted everyone"
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Another team that stood out was the Colorado Avalanche, who mentioned that they will miss Jimmy and that he had a positive impact on everyone’s lives, so his death has been quite a blow that they still cannot overcome. They also mentioned that they send their condolences to the former player’s family, friends and acquaintances.

“It’s safe to say that Jimmy’s life shocked everyone he met. We will miss Jimmy and our hearts go out to those who knew and loved him ”, mentioned the Colorado Avalanche account, who said the last goodbye to the hockey player, who passed away Monday morning.

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