“Hollow head”, Fernández Noroña sends a message to Vicente Fox for confusing AICM and AIFA

Mexico.- The federal deputy of the Labor Party (PT), Gerardo Fernández Noroña, exploded against the former PAN president Vicente Fox Quesada after the latter criticized the incident that arose between two airplanes of the airline Volaris at Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

Last Saturday night, a video was released showing how an aircraft with a capacity of approximately 150 passengers was authorized to land on another aircraft of the same capacity that was parked on runway 05 of the left loop of the capital’s airport complex. .

Using your official account Twitterthe PT deputy called former President Fox Quesada an “airhead,” emphasizing that the near-collision of the two Volaris planes occurred at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), since the former federal president mentioned the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), one of the distinguished projects of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

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“Hollow head @VicenteFoxQue, inform yourself and leave. It was in @AICM_mx and fortunately it did not happen to adults,” Fernández Noroña wrote when sharing the publication of the former head of the Federal Executive Power of Mexico.

Fernández Noroña launches against Fox for an incident at the AICM/Source: Twitter @fernandeznorona

It is worth mentioning that in the tweet of former President Vicente Fox Quesada, the former head of state refers to the problem that has been pointed out after the airspace was redesigned in the administration of the Fourth Transformation.

In addition to this, when Fox alludes to the “error” involved in the construction of the airport in Santa Lucía, State of Mexico, he refers at the same time to the cancellation of the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM), which was going to be located in Texcoco, with the purpose of being able to relieve traffic in the AICM.

“Keep playing with fire, López. There are many passengers and there would be many deaths! What a big mistake AIFA. What irresponsibility! “said the PAN.

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Last week, the International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations (IFALPA) issued a safety bulletin in which it alerted the pilots of the companies about some “incidents” that have been recorded at the time of landing at the AICM, as a result of the AIFA coming into operation on March 21 of the year in progress.

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