Home Depot wants to hire a record 100,000 new employees for its spring season

New employees will receive a competitive salary, which depends on factors such as branch location and experience.

Photo: David McNew/Getty Images

Home Depot has set out to hire 100,000 new employees to be ready to serve customers in the spring season.

You can go to the Home Depot site to find out what jobs are available in your area.

For the past two years, Home Depot has met its goal of hiring 80,000 people in the run-up to the spring season, which is the company’s busiest.

This season, when the weather is warmer, customers take the opportunity to do projects at home, which increases sales of Home Depot. For this reason, for this year, the chain is increasing the number of workers from 80,000 to 100,000.

“Consumer demand continues to increase and we want to make sure we have workers to meet customer needs in our aisles,” said Eric Schelling, vice president and director of Global Talent Acquisition, according to Business Insider.

Some of the new hires will be in permanent full-time roles and others will be part-time.. Home Depot did not provide specific details about their average salaries, but Schelling said new employees will receive a competitive offer, which depends on factors such as branch location and experience.

Schelling also said Home Depot hopes to attract talent by promoting ‘same-day’ hiring.thus reducing the waiting time for candidates.

Schelling is confident that he will be able to hire the 100,000 people they need. He said that, in his opinion, reports of labor shortages have been a bit sensational. He said Home Depot seeks to provide candidates with a different job search experience, focusing on speeding up the application process, emphasizing career development and internal promotion.

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