Honda Civic is the best-selling car in the US and a favorite in Mexico

The Honda Civic has been named the car of the year 2022 in North America, the United States and Mexico, as the 11th generation of this car model has been the best seller among vehicle dealers for the sixth consecutive year.

According to a statement from Honda, Civic has been the leader in the compact car segment for 12 consecutive years. In 2021, it accounted for one in four sales of this segment of the automotive market.

This iconic Honda model has not only been liked by Americans, since in Mexico Civic also represents one of the preferred models of the compact sedan segment, in August of last year the 2022 model made its introduction.

According to the company, since its launch in January this year, 2,866 units have been sold in Mexicomaintaining a good commercial rhythm and positioning itself as one of the most desired models in its segment, due to its quality, reliability and premium-type finishes.

Honda added that Civic celebrates 50 years in the world automotive market, being the longest line in the history of the Asian firm, it is also one of the three best-selling cars in the United States during the last five decades, with more than 12 million units sold.

According to the company, this model has positioned itself among younger car buyers. Since 2011, Civic has been the number one vehicle among millennial buyers, and has captured the largest number of Gen Z, first-time buyers and multicultural buyers in the industry over the last six years.

“The new Honda Civic sets the benchmark for the compact vehicle category and in our market, the United States, has been a resounding success with young, first-time and multicultural buyers,” said Mike Kistemaker, assistant vice president of National Sales for Honda.

“Together with the Honda HR-V and our Honda Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles (CPO) program, Vehicles Certified Used by Honda, we have a strong three-pillar approach to attracting young and first-time buyers in the future,” he said. executive.

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