Honduran police escort for Grupo Firme’s Eduin Caz sparks detention rumors

Fans speculate wildly after Caz's police ride post-concert; it's revealed to be a security measure, not the arrest rumors suggested.

In the wake of a concert cancellation in Honduras due to a government-imposed “curfew,” Grupo Firme delighted fans with a triumphant performance on Monday, July 24, 2023, at the Estadio Olímpico Metropolitano in San Pedro Sula. Yet, despite the success of the concert, the band’s followers were left perturbed by a series of images circulating on social media.

These images depicted the band’s vocalist, Eduin Caz, seemingly detained inside a local police patrol vehicle and under the watchful eyes of Honduran security forces.

A video making the rounds on social media platforms provided more context, showing the Ya supérame singer inside a police vehicle, accompanied by six apparent escorts. But, far from appearing cowed or intimidated by the situation, the 28-year-old musician appeared in high spirits, waving cheerfully to fans who recognized him during his time in the Honduran city while apparently being transported to an undisclosed local destination.


Martes 25 de Julio, EDUIN CAZ detenido por robarse sus corazones en Honduras 😅⚡️✌🏻 #humor #eduincaz #honduras

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The alarm bells began to ring when Chamonic, a known entertainment reporter, posted on her Instagram profile alerting Grupo Firme’s followers. “After a very good night of Grupo Firme, in their presentation in San Pedro Sula Honduras, they tell me that supposedly they took Eduin Caz, vocalist of the group, under arrest,” she shared on her widely-followed account.

Chamonic’s commentary sparked a flurry of speculation among fans, who put forth a range of theories. Some posited that Eduin Caz had been detained for public drinking or for causing damage while intoxicated. Social media comments included: “Surely he had too many drinks, with that he likes to party, and then he doesn’t even know what day he lives in, “Wouldn’t he have been drinking too much? Eduin doesn’t learn the lesson”, “It seems to me that he did something arrogant because no one gets put in a patrol car just like that.”

Others speculated that the incident was a publicity stunt tied to the group’s visit to the Central American country or a scene from an upcoming video by the successful Mexican band. After their recent concert cancellation in Honduras due to a curfew, the group’s successful performance was met with much anticipation.

After cancellation due to a curfew in Honduras, the regional band performed successfully (Instagram/@eduincaz and @anahydpg).
After the cancellation due to a curfew in Honduras, the regional band performed successfully (Instagram/@eduincaz and @anahydpg).

Yet, as the hours ticked by, Honduran authorities remained silent about the incident, leaving fans to rely on second-hand accounts. Witnesses at the scene reported that the police presence was merely a security measure due to the large crowd of fans surrounding the Mexican vocalist.

The story took an unexpected turn when the same Instagram account that had originally shared the video and sparked concern among fans clarified the situation. As it turns out, the whole ordeal was a “drill” orchestrated by authorities to ensure the singer’s safety. “Negative, Eduin Caz was not arrested in Honduras. It was a drill, hahaha literal. It was a joke. He got into the patrol car by himself, and the cops took him to the hotel. They were part of the group’s security. You can see that the gentleman likes the attention,” read a post on Chamonic’s account, which is dedicated to sharing showbiz news.

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Despite the clarifications, Eduin, Johnny Caz, and the rest of the members of Grupo Firme have yet to comment on the situation, leaving fans in suspense.