Honduras: They arrest alleged murderers of the son of the former president, Said Lobo

During Thursday there was an attack in which four young people died in Hondurasincluding the son of former president from the country, porphyry wolfwhile he was leaving a nightclub in Tegucigalpain what would have been a direct attack.

Local authorities would have found six people, presumably responsible for being the material authors of the act or for being involved in it, they are already under the power of the local police.

These would be members of the South American criminal group known as the Marasalvatrucha (MS13), although they affirm that there are 11 those involved who would have had to do with this assassination, which they consider totally directed.

“As a result of the efforts and investigations, six members of the criminal structure were identified and captured, including one who commonly presented himself as a police officer,” they reported.

This was the murder of the son of the former president of Honduras

His father spoke about the case The crime would have been planned

An armed commando arrived outside an exclusive nightclub, located in the municipality of Tegucigalpa, just as Said Lobo, 29 years old, was waiting to leave along with three other people, who also died.

Several photos and videos of the moment of the attack circulated on social networks, and even the authorities have mentioned that everything was directed at him specifically, as we already told you in AmericanPost.News.

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Honduran police confirm what the objective was

The crime would have been planned

According to the information obtained through the videos and the arrests they achieved through their investigation, the law enforcement determined that everything would have been a direct attack against Said Lobo, whom they had identified.

So far, the motive for the crime is not known, but it is expected that more people will be arrested in the following days to determine the reasons for the murder of the son of the former president of Honduras.

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