Horacio Palencia confirmed that the breakup of Christian Nodal and Belinda is final

Photos: Instagram @horaciopalencia / @nodal / @belindapop

The recent announcement of the breakup of what seemed like one of the strongest couples in Mexican entertainment continues to cause shock among the public: Christian Nodal and Belindawho after almost two years of courtship have decided to go their separate ways.

It was the singer of ‘mariacheño’ who revealed the news in a statement issued on his social networks this Saturday night, because despite the fact that the rumor had been around the media for several days, finally and without going into details, the singer from Down here confirmed the suspicions and announced the end of the romance.

“To all my fans and friends of the press I want to share that we have decided to end our commitment and our relationship, each taking the best of the other. With much gratitude for having accompanied us in this time, ”he wrote.

Similarly, Nodal mentioned that both he and Belinda would experience the duel of their relationship in their own way and asked the public to be empathic with the situation.

“I ask for respect for the decision we have made, where each one will live their separation process in their own way and always wishing each other the best for the happy times lived and those of trial as well. Everything that is speculated is false.he expressed.

The singer stressed that these would be the only statements he would make on the subject and was emphatic that his decision should not be questioned.

“To the media, with much respect, we inform you that I will not speak more on the subject. Nodal”, she concluded.

This news shocked the public because the singers had become inseparable since they began their relationship in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic and in the midst of recording the program. Mexico‘s voicewhere both functioned as coaches in Aztec TV.

However, for people close to the ‘Nodeli’, the end was already coming or at least, this was what the Mexican regional music singer-songwriter revealed Horace Palencia, A great friend of the now ex-boyfriends and who lived the love story very closely since Belinda “flirted” with the native of Caborca, Sonora, at an awards ceremony.

It was on the show First handwhere Palencia confessed that days before Christian Nodal announced the end of his courtship with the interpreter of In love you must forgivehe I was already aware that they were going through a strong crisis: “Since before the breakup happened, I already knew that they had some little problems, but no way…”, said the singer.

To the disappointment of the couple’s followers, the singer confirmed that the end of the interpreters’ relationship is no longer reversed: “Now the termination is definitive, we did not manage to have a wedding… that is love”, he added.

The singer, who is the composer of the famous song that Belinda recorded as a duet with Los Angeles Azules, which served as the initial crush between the singers, also wished his friends the best and assured that even separately, they both deserve be happy: “If they’re done, maybe it was because things didn’t work out, maybe there comes a new partner for each one with whom they are happy. I wish everyone the best of luck,” he said.

Regarding the artistic relationship that unites him with Belinda, the composer stressed that he already has a song ready to be performed by the also actress, although he was cautious because he would not know if Belinda is in a position to sing a romantic song right at this point in your life.