Horizon Forbidden West analysis: Sony’s big bet for PS5

The game follows in Aloy’s footsteps approximately six months after the events of the previous installment of the game.

Photo: Guerrilla Games / Courtesy

With just under a week to go before the official release of Horizon Forbidden West, expectations are growing about what innovations this new installment of the Horizon saga will bring.

Everything indicates that Forbidden West will represent one of the first games in which it will be possible to fully appreciate everything that the PS5 has to offer in terms of image, sound and gameplay.

The choice of this game to be the emblem of the new generation of Sony consoles was not something taken lightly. If analyzed it was the most logical option after Horizon Zero Down did the same with the PlayStation 4 and became one of the best-selling titles of its time with more than 20 million copies worldwide.

Its success also meant that Sony set its sights on Hermen Hulst, the CEO of Guerrilla Games, the studio behind Horizon, and offered him the role of president of PlayStation Studios.

Added to this are the contributions of Guerrilla Games and its Decima Engine graphics engine, which has shown significant robustness, so much so that it was chosen by Hideo Kojima to be part of his Death Stranding game.

What can we find in the game?

Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West / Photo: Courtesy

From what this new installment of Horizon has been known will continue Aloy’s journeys and set the player approximately six months after the events of Zero Down.

This time the objective will be to stop the expansion of the “Red Blight”, a substance that is destroying what little remains of civilization and that faces humanity to extinction.

This will force our protagonist to embark on a new mission that will take her to the western lands, a place where the most dangerous tribes and machines in the world live.

One of the main narrative changes in Forbidden West is that, unlike the first installment, Aloy has now become a respected figure in her tribe, something unthinkable in Zero Down.

From the technical point of view, the improvements can be seen in the fighting section, since it is possible to experience great fluidity when performing the different types of attacks, both at a distance and with melee.

Likewise, it is loaded with new species of machines that will be in charge of making the story more entertaining.

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