Hospital mistakenly issues negative tests to 400 people with COVID-19

The mistake of a australian hospital could become a major outbreak of COVID-19, after staff found that at least 400 people Those who were given negative test results were actually infected.

The events were recorded at St. Vicentet Hospital in Sydney, where the authorities issued an alert and began emergency protocols to contact those affected and their contacts, who are also believed to have been infected.

The error of this medical center was registered amid the increase in cases in some regions of the country, which has led Australia to resume harsh restrictions in order to stop the chain of infections by the new variant Omicron.

Over 400 people received false COVID-19 results

People received a notification with the wrong results. Some regions of Australia are facing a new wave of infections.

The hospital issued a statement in which it acknowledged the error of the staff after issuing a wrong message to 400 people, who had actually tested positive for the PCR test they underwent.

“We sincerely apologize to all those who have been affected,” the medical center said.

Meanwhile, the medical director of the laboratory, Anthony Dodds explained to ABC that this error had occurred due to the “large volume of tests” carried out in such a short time, as we remember that Australia faces a new wave of infections.

COVID-19 cases in Australia

Some regions of Australia are facing a new wave of infections.

According to the report presented by the authorities, Australia is registering an increase in COVID-19 cases similar to the figures recorded during the height of the pandemic, with an average of thousands of weekly cases. On Christmas Eve alone, 9 thousand new cases were registered, which increased the figure to 291,000 infections since the beginning.

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