Hospitalized Michelle Renaud cancels Houston festival appearance, receives support from Matías Novoa

Beloved actress Michelle Renaud's surprise hospital visit disrupts festival plans. Fans worldwide extend well wishes.

Although we don’t currently see her starring in any Televisa melodrama, Michelle Renaud had not stopped working until last Sunday, May 21, when she announced that she had been emergency hospitalized “due to health problems,” as she shared with her millions of fans on social networks through an image showing her admission bracelet.

The actress, who has been part of popular telenovelas of the San Angel TV station such as Rebelde, Pasión y Poder, and La Herencia, was part of the lineup of a festival in Houston, Texas, United States, had to cancel the presentation and offering apologies to the fans who were waiting to see her, showing that health comes first.

“Due to a health problem, we cannot be with you today at the Somos Houston Festival, and I was dying to tell you about it. Enjoy it and have a good time,” began the message of the popular model on her Instagram account, in which her admission bracelet could be seen. However, she did not detail where she was, and at the moment, she has not given a new medical report either.

Matías novoa: her guardian angel

La actriz compartió la noticia en sus redes sociales 
(Foto: Instagram/@michellerenaud)
The actress shared the news on her social networks (Photo: Instagram/@michellerenaud).

The actress has also participated in projects such as Camaleones ( 2009), Llena de Amor (2010), Ni contigo ni sin ti (2011), La Mujer del Vendaval(2012), La Sombra del Pasado (2014), Hijas de la luna (2018), La Reina Soy Yo (2019) and Quererlo Todo (2020) thanked her partner, actor Matías Novoa, for the unconditional support in the dedicated moment of health she is facing, sharing it in the same message from the hospital with words that her fans have considered romantic.

“Thank you for always taking care of me and being so understanding. I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you,” he expressed. However, the actor has not explained how his famous girlfriend is doing. However, in recent stories posted on his Instagram profile, he let it be seen that he was at home caring for his pets, enjoying a movie Sunday.

“Poor Mich, but health always comes first because we have nothing without it.” “I like to see that they are still together and more in love, but it did take the edge off his photo of her in the hospital and him watching a Sylvester Stallone movie, but anyway, to each his own and their ways of loving.” “From Mexico, if he is in the United States, we wish the best to our little Miche and that everything is something very temporary, but good that he did not let time pass or self-medicate because health will always be the most important thing that anyone can have in life,” reacted fans.

The love story of michelle renaud and matías novoa after danilo carrera

Los actores se conocieron en el año 2021
(Foto Instagram: @matlechat, @michellerenaud)
The actors met in 2021 (Instagram photo: @matlechat, @michellerenaud).

After the famous actress of Rebelde ( 2004) and the Ecuadorian actor unexpectedly ended their relationship and their thousands of fans were hopeful that they would return, and the decision was momentary, the story took a 180-degree turn with the arrival of actor Matías Novoa.

“It was our turn before the telenovela to shoot a movie together and that’s when we met. Magically they called us at the same time when we were filming the movie to participate in this project, both of us as protagonists, and neither of us knew it, but we met and said, ‘Hey, they just called me from Televisa, and I don’t know what’ ‘and me too’ ‘what project is it?’ ‘Juan Osorio’s,’ and he said ‘me too,’ and I said, ‘I can’t believe it,'” Novoa told People.