Hospitals in the Gaza Strip are collapsing due to lack of electricity

This Sunday, August 7, the Ministry of Health of Gaza Strip disclosed that hospitals in the Palestinian enclave, they will have to interrupt their service in 48 hours as a result of the lack of electricity after three days of the increase in violence with Israel, which keeps all border crossings closed.

“In 48 hours, health services will stop, following the interruption of the operation of the power plant and the exhaustion of the fuel supply in the generators of hospitals.”

If the violence between the Israeli Army and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) continues, the humanitarian crisis will worsen. Since Friday, August 5, the day it all began, 31 people have died and 265 have been injured so far.

In AmericanPost.News we announced that Israel has sent several air strikes while tensions and the situation increase.

Victims of the bombing in Gaza

The bombings seem non-stop and continue at all times. Hundreds of people died during the bombings.

At the moment there are no fatalities, but there are 20 minor injuries, most of them due to injuries when people ran to the air-raid shelters. There is no indication that a ceasefire will come soon.

Given this, the Israeli government, as well as the YIP, maintain a strong bellicose rhetoric with strong threats:

“The Israeli military continues to attack terrorist targets and operatives and thwart rocket-launching squads.”

“We are acting precisely and responsibly to minimize harm to civilians. This operation will continue as long as necessary.”

A spokesman for Islamic Jihad called from Gaza to “destroy the enemy’s settlements with projectiles”, and thus force them to repent “for the terror they have committed”.

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What about Israel and Gaza?

Hundreds of people died during the bombings

It is the worst confrontation between Israel and the armed organizations in Gaza since the bombings were registered in May 2021 and lasted 11 days, causing the death of 260 people in Palestine.

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