Hotel gives its employees $5,000 for having worked during the pandemic

Now that work incentives and recognition are more important than ever to avoid being part of the Great Renunciation, Employees of the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan got a big surprise when their boss announced that they would each receive a $5,000 bonus.announced Fox Business.

Nearly half of the resort’s 5,400 employees attended an awards and recognition event, where CEO Bill McBeath thanked the staff for helping the company maintain its brand during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It is you, every day, who makes the difference,” said Daniel Espino, Cosmopolitan’s personnel director. “Whether it’s cleaning the rooms, cooking the food, dealing cards, serving drinks, at the reception”.

Moments later came the announcement of the bonus of $5,000 dollars for each one, as well as the vacation trips with which the employees were filled with joy, especially Staci Stafford, housekeeping trainer, and Samira Harbali, waitress, traveling to San Diego and Hawaiirespectively, courtesy of the hotel chain.

Companies have delivered larger than expected bonuses during the pandemic, with a 20% increase in 2021 compared to 2020 for this concept.

Vanderbilt University compensated its staff in a similar way when it turned over employees who worked during the pandemic, a one-time payment of $1,500 as a thank you for your “diligent work”.

“It has not been easy, especially during the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic,” Foreign Minister Daniel Diermeier said. However, his “dedication to our vision and goals allows our university to operate at the highest level,” the academic highlighted.

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