House of Gucci how true is the story?

House of gucci, a film directed by Ridley Scott, with Lady Gaga as the main character playing Patrizia Reggiani, the woman who ended the life of the heir to the fashion firm, Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver), is already in theaters, so Now those who have seen it wonder how true is the story?

The script was written by Roberto Bentivegna and Becky Johnston, House of Gucci is based on the non-fiction book ‘The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamor and Greed’, written by Sara Gay Forden in 2001.

In the middle of promoting the film, Lady Gaga responded to Gucci’s widow, this after harsh criticism from the real Patrizia Gucci.

House of Gucci and real life

House of Gucci shows the family battle of the fashion world. Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani married after two years of courtship, in 1972. Maurizio and Patrizia found themselves in the controversial family crisis at House of Gucci.

The film tells of a fierce family battle, in which its scriptwriters have not hesitated to refer to films such as ‘The twilight of a life’, ‘The Godfather’ or ‘Scarface’, which caused certain real elements to be changed in after fiction. “I always wanted the audience to feel like they were watching a movie,” Bentivegna said.

But it will be surprising to know that the film has had to soften the family battle that took place at the Gucci firm. Bentivegna said: “If I had invented the Gucci story as a novel, no one would have given it credibility.” But then what is the truth of ‘The House of Gucci’.

  • House of Gucci true story

The history of the Gucci fashion house dates back to 1921, when Guccio Gucci founded the company after working as a bellboy at London’s Savoy Hotel and on a luxury train. Gucci opened its first store in Florence, selling high-quality leather luggage and accessories, as well as horse riding gear.

This business prospered so much that it began to expand in other Italian cities and in other countries. But after the founder’s death in 1935, House of Gucci passed on to his three sons, Vasco, Rodolfo and Aldo. He was the latter, played in the film by Al Pacino, who was in charge of running the company, seeking to turn it into a mass-production brand.

The family war began with the death of Aldo’s brother, Rodolfo (Jeremy Irons), the father, precisely, of Maurizio, in 1983, the year in which Maurizio was totally influenced by his wife, Patrizia Reggiani, who served as a kind of Lady Macbeth. .

The origins of Rodolfo’s daughter-in-law were humble, he grew up poor and did not meet his biological father and it was not until he was 12 years old that his mother married Ferdinando Reggiani, a wealthy businessman who gave his surname to Patrizia Reggiani.

As an adult, Patrizia became a Milan socialite, although she was always singled out for borrowing from the Italian upper class. And as Forden wrote, Patrizia’s mother hoped that her daughter would marry a young man from a high-society family.

This happened and the first meeting with Maurizio was in 1970, where he was impressed with his great resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor. “I met Maurizio at a party and he fell madly in love with me,” Reggiani told The Guardian in 2016. “It was exciting and different.”

House of Gucci and a family feud

Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani married after two years of courtship, in 1972. Maurizio and Patrizia found themselves in the controversial family crisis at House of Gucci.

In 1972, after two years of courtship, the couple Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani, who would be played in the House of Gucci film, got married, although the wedding did not have the support of Rodolfo, who considered Patrizia as ” a social climber who only thinks about money “.

However, father and son and daughter-in-law reconciled with the birth of their first daughter, Alessandra, in 1976. The second, Allegra, arrived in 1981. The couple lived in New York until 1982, where they rubbed shoulders with the city’s jet set. Big Apple, coming to attend meetings where Jackie Onassis was a guest.

Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani, important members of the House of Gucci were known for their ostentatious and extravagant pace of life, just to mention, they had a car in which Mauizia could be read, a yacht and summer houses in Saint Moritz, Acapulco and Connectitcut .

Patrizia was Maurizio’s main influence, which is why he is considered the intellectual architect of the family war that broke out after Rodolfo’s death. “[Patrizia] He said of him that it was like a chair that takes the shape of whoever sits in it, “said Bentivegna.

“She was an incredibly clever and cynical manipulator, she knew how to mold and play with people. But I do think she loved him.”

It was in 1983, with the death of Rodolfo, Maurizio remained as the majority shareholder, causing the fall of Aldo as head of the company, as he wanted Gucci to maintain its status as a luxury brand.

  • House of Gucci, family feud in the public eye

Although other family fashion houses such as Prada, Versace or Armani, Gucci had their dispute, but in their case it was surrounded by scandals. On the one hand, the conflict between Maurizio and Aldo and, later, between Aldo and his son Paolo. To make his uncle down, Maurizio leaked that Aldo had evaded taxes, which caused him to go to prison for a year.

In fact, Maurizio had to flee to Switzerland when he was accused of forging his father’s signature to avoid paying inheritance-related taxes, where he was found guilty, but was later acquitted. In 1989, Maurizio took control of Gucci, although in 1993 he was forced to sell his shares to the other investors in the company, ending the family leadership.

It was this family life that led to the creation of the book and later the film House of Gucci, of which the actors and set were introduced.

Marriage crisis at House of Gucci

Maurizio and Patrizia found themselves in the controversial House of Gucci family crisis.

Coinciding with the start of the legal dispute, Maurizio and Patrizia’s marriage began to unravel. As the murderer told The Guardian, her ex-husband “went crazy.”

“He stopped listening to me, he wanted to be the best,” confessed Patrizia.

The family breakup at the House of Gucci became effective in 1985 when Maurizio went on a business trip to Florence and sent a friend to Milan to tell his still-wife that their marriage was over.

The marriage crisis reached its climax in 1991, when Maurizio began a relationship with Paola Franchi, an interior designer and former childhood friend, and in 1994, Maurizio divorced Patrizia and prohibited her from using the Gucci surname.

“I still feel like a Gucci. What’s more, I’m the most Gucci of all,” said Patrizia.

  • Gucci murder

The main theme of the film House of Gucci is the murder of Maurizio, which occurred when she was worried about purchasing power, since Maurizio planned to marry Paola, which would have forced her to renegotiate alimony for her daughters, it was then that Patrizia orchestrated his assassination.

Giuseppina Auriemma, who was a seer and astrologer, participated in the House of Gucci crime; Orazio Cicala, the van driver, and Ivano Savioni, the man who hired the hitman and the driver.

It was on March 27, 1995 that Maurizio Gucci was assassinated, he was shot several times as he was about to enter his office in Milan. The leader of the House of Gucci died on the steps of the building, in the arms of the building’s doorman, Giuseppe Onorato, who was also shot, and by surviving he was a key witness in the case.

That same day, Patrizia wrote in her diary the Greek word “paradeisos”, which means “paradise”.

Although the House of Gucci film does not address the entire judicial process, it began two years later, thanks to an anonymous complaint. Patrizia was arrested in 1997 and sentenced in 1998 to 29 years in prison, but only turned 18 although she may have been released seven years earlier from Milan’s San Vittore prison, where she was allowed to have a pet ferret, but refused.

“I have never worked in my life. I am not going to start now,” he declared in court to avoid parole.

In 2016, Patrizia was released from jail for good behavior. Contrary to what she said in court, she currently works as a consultant for a jewelry store in Milan, where she has been seen with a parrot on her shoulder. About the murder she only said: “My eyesight is not that good. I did not want to fail”, without a doubt reality is beyond fiction and House of Gucci is an example.

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