Houston Texans sued for complicity in sexual harassment case by quarterback Deshaun Watson

Photo: Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Quarterback Deshaun Watson’s sexual harassment case isn’t over yet. When it seemed that the case was starting to get underway after the player’s agreement with 20 of the women and the NFL’s scheduled hearing to find out his suspension date, now his former team, the Houston Texans, was also sued.

And it is that Attorney Tony Buzbee, representing the 24 women who accused the player, sued the Texan team for complicity in Watson’s sexual misconductsuggesting that the currency had knowledge of what the star was doing during massage therapy sessions.

“Individuals within the Texans organization knew or should have known of Watson’s conduct,” the attorney stated in the complaint.

Additionally, the litigant assured that the Texans were the ones that provided resources and even the facilities to Watson for your massage sessions.

“There were rooms set up for him at the Houstonian Hotel, as well as massage tables set up for him for private sessions provided by the Texans’ head of security,” Buzbee added.

The Texans responded to this action with a press release, noting that the team has complied with the law and the pertinent investigations at all times.

We are aware of the lawsuit filed against us. Since March 2021 we have supported and complied with law enforcement and investigations. We will continue to take the necessary steps to address the allegations against our organization.“said the team.

Last week Tony Buzbee reported that 20 of the plaintiffs had reached an agreement with the now Cleveland Browns quarterback, although the amounts of said agreements, he shared, were confidential.

Saturday The NFL announced that the quarterback’s disciplinary hearing will begin this Tuesday, June 28. and will have resolution for the month of July.

For said hearing was designated by the league and the Association of Football Players of the NFL lto disciplinary officer Sue Robinson, who will be in charge of deciding whether Watson receives punishment for the sexual assault and misconduct allegations.

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