Houston woman kills her sister and forces her son to help her dispose of her aunt’s body

Houston police discovered a body with gunshot and fire wounds.

Photo: Artistic Operations / Pixabay

A Houston woman fatally shot her sister, then forced her own 13-year-old son to help her dispose of her aunt’s bodyaccording to the police.

Carmen White, 38, faces a capital murder charge for allegedly shooting her sister, Cynthia Cervantes.multiple times on March 31 and then dumping her sister’s body at the end of a dirt road and setting it on fire, KPRC reported, citing court documents.

However, before White moved the body, he needed help, authorities say.

A former boyfriend of White’s told police she asked for his help and offered him “sexual favors in return,” but he refused, documents say.

He then allegedly turned to his teenage son. Records show White called the boy “not to play with her 12-year-old brother in the park” and asked him to move an “unknown” item in his car, the television station reported.

“He reached down and lifted what looked like human legs, so [él] dropped his legs to the ground,” the documents allege.

White ordered him to pick up the body and move it to his car, but he continued to resist, according to KPRC, citing court documents.

That’s when White became “extremely aggressive” and her son finally relented out of fear for his safety, records indicate.

White is still at large and there is a warrant out for her arrest.

White is alleged to have killed her sister because the victim called police in February, leading to a charge against the suspect of making a terroristic threat to a family member and possessing methamphetamine, KPRC reported, citing records.

Cervantes’ body was found in a metallurgical industrial park by police after a witness told a railway worker about his grisly discovery, ABC 13 said.

A family friend told police White seemed paranoid after the alleged murder, even trading in a new car she bought in early March because she said the air conditioning wasn’t working, the television station reported.

The murder defendant’s gray Chevrolet HHR had been seen on security camera footage near where the body was dumped, investigators said, according to ABC 13.

Records indicate there was blood in the “rear cargo area [del vehículo] and in an envelope found under the driver’s side seat,” although police are awaiting DNA results, ABC 13 reported.

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