How a friend’s observation saved Maripily Rivera’s life when she had a stroke

The crooked smile was the indication that led Maripily Rivera to visit her doctor, who after several tests concluded that she had indeed suffered a stroke, without realizing it.

Yes, Maripily Rivera suffered a stroke. How did she realize it? Several media outlets, such as Univision Entertainment, have exposed the information, highlighting that the businesswoman realized what was happening to her by pure chance. As she recalls, the day of the event, she met with a friend who immediately noticed something different on her face.

According to Rivera, the friend in question told her: “You have a twisted mouth and a dull eye.” But Maripily did not pay much attention to her friend’s words. Moreover, according to her friend, these changes could be due to an aesthetic process she had previously undergone. For this reason, she limited herself to telling her: “Oh baby, yes, that was because I had my lips injected. That’s part of it.”

During the conversation, her friend made her see that the best thing Rivera could do was to visit her doctor and ask for a check-up to prevent any health problems since she did not believe that the changes in her face, specifically in her smile, were due to some beauty treatment.

Maripily told this anecdote in a conversation with Veronica Bastos for Telemundo’s “La Mesa Caliente,” There she confirmed that she visited her doctor and that he told her: “Mari, are you okay? Because I think you had a stroke”.

In response to the doctor’s words, she underwent all the required tests, and from then on, everything made more sense. With the results in hand, all suspicions were confirmed. “I did have a stroke, but it was mild,” Rivera told Bastos.

In this interview, she explains that she does not know when it happened because she did not feel anything. She says she just woke up one day, and her smile was already crooked. Maripily, to understand what could have caused this situation, had concluded that stress is the culprit and asserted that the worries she goes through as a mother for her son do not help since he is a car racer and days before had an accident.