How big is the US military?

With all the talk about sending the armed forces from the United States to Ukraine, many people wonder, how big is the US Army nowadays?

The United States Army, which was created in 1775, is one of the eight branches of the US military.

How big is the US military?

How big is the US military?

The United States Army is the branch of the armed forces that provides ground services.

As of 2021, the US Army has about 485,000 full-time regular military personnel.

About 16 percent of members of the US Army are women.

In the past year, the US military has grown in size by nearly 30 percent.

The United States hasn’t had a conscription since 1973, but that’s not to say it can’t happen again.

The US Congress could institute a draft whenever the country deems it necessary for national security.

For now, the US military consists of paid volunteers.

What are the branches of the US military?

The US Army in Romania earlier this month.

The US Armed Forces have eight branches, six of which make up the armed forces.

The other two legs are considered reserve components.

Branches include:

  • Army
  • Marine Corps
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Space force
  • Coast Guard

Adding to that:

  • The Army National Guard (reserve force)
  • The Air National Guard (reserve force)

How much does the United States spend on its military?

On average, the United States spends about $766.58 billion on the military in a single year, according to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

As we have mentioned in AmericanPost.News this makes the United States the country with the highest military spending in the world.

The United States spends more on its military than the next 11 largest armies combined.

The Army takes in about $12.3 billion a year, according to The Balance.