How cheap: Know the real value of the Ballon d’Or trophy

The Ballon d’Or trophy It is one of the most coveted awards by the best footballers in the world, which suggests that its real value is very high. However, this is not the case.

Very different from what is popularly believed, the Ballon d’Or is not made 100% of gold and it does not cost thousands of euros as many believed.

The newspaper AS published information that reveals that the distinction has a considerably low value, and Its manufacture has an approximate cost of $ 3,300 dollars.

The ball that makes up the trophy is made of brass and is filled with a special wax in the center. He is a soldier through a goldsmith and there the details are refined. It is then gold-plated and the France Football logo is affixed.

Its dimensions are, 31 centimeters high, 23 long and the same width. His weight is seven kilos.

Without a doubt its manufacturing value It does not compare to what an amateur would give you or a collector to one of these trophies, and less if it comes from Messi or Cristiano.

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