How did Chiquis Rivera lose weight? Before and after weight loss pictures

Jenni Rivera's daughter has spoken openly about the cosmetic procedures she has undergone over the years she has been trying to lose weight.

Chiquis Rivera, a well-known figure in the music industry and the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera, has become a symbol of physical transformation and self-love in the public eye. Despite dealing with familial conflicts and intense scrutiny, Chiquis has consistently maintained her stand, asserting that she is the sole owner of her body and has the right to choose what to do with it.

However, Chiquis Rivera’s great physical change has not been easy since it is not only an aesthetic decision but also a healthy one, and for which she has made some sacrifices, as she recently indicated in “Ventaneando.”

During her conversation with the TV Azteca program, the artist denied that she had undergone a gastric sleeve operation but that it had been part of a strict nutrition plan.

“I don’t drink beer or soda anymore, I haven’t done it for eight months now, and that helps you so much,” explained Janney Marín Rivera, the real name of the U.S. celebrity.

Likewise, Chiquis made it clear that she does not follow a program that limits her but chooses to eat what she wants, but in small amounts, with the objective of not altering her diet and avoiding dangerous side effects.

“If I want a cake, I’ll eat a little bit, not all of it,” she explained weeks ago.

Chiquis Rivera’s Weight Loss: The Initial Steps Towards Transformation

Over the years, Chiquis Rivera’s physical transformation has attracted significant attention. Her decision to undergo several cosmetic surgeries has played a role in this transformation. She has been candid about these changes and openly shared before-and-after photos of her journey, highlighting her progression.

Chiquis has repeatedly clarified that her body has not been shaped by liposuction. Instead, she attributes her weight loss to a shift in habits, including drinking lemon water, following a balanced diet, and exercising regularly. She has, however, admitted to having a breast augmentation.

Chiquis Rivera Losing Weight: The Radical Change in Chiquis Rivera’s Appearance

Chiquis Rivera’s followers have noticed her increasingly sculpted figure in recent months. Although she has sought medical attention for hormonal problems, her significant weight loss can be attributed to her decision to eliminate cravings and unhealthy foods. Furthermore, she acknowledges the positive influence of love on her transformation journey. She has confidently exhibited her more toned body and defined waistline, vehemently denying any links to cosmetic surgery.

In addition to these dietary and lifestyle changes, Chiquis has pointed to the importance of removing toxicity from one’s life. She hinted at her recent divorce from Lorenzo Méndez as a major step in this direction, stating that this difficult decision had a beneficial impact on her physical health.

Chiquis Rivera Before and After Pictures

Chiquis Rivera before and after pics
The difference between before and after losing weight

Chiquis Rivera’s Reflections on her Weight Loss

“My weight was always something to talk about, and I really didn’t feel fat,” Chiquis shared candidly. “I’ve always been a confident woman until I got into this medium, and everyone was kind of worried about my weight, so that’s when I said, ‘Oh, God, I have to lose weight.’ Something happened, but the joke is that I loved myself before.”

After losing a total of 50 pounds (approximately 22 kilos), Chiquis Rivera discusses the transformation of her new image. The singer was surprised by her own weight loss and expressed her goal to lose another two kilos.

While weight loss has been a major focus of her transformation, Chiquis has experienced significant gains in her professional life. Her work in music, culminating in a Grammy nomination for her album Abeja Reina in the Best Regional Mexican and Texan Album category and two Latin Grammys, is a testament to her progress.

“I feel that God’s timing is perfect, and I always said: ‘When I go to Mexico to do my show, I want to be well, feel safe and full, and I feel that way,” Chiquis shares. “The nominations I’ve had and the awards I’ve won help me and give me more security as a woman and as an artist, and I believe much more in myself, and that has helped me a lot at the time of singing, then it was the perfect moment.”

Chiquis Rivera’s Commitment to Change Her Appearance

Chiquis Rivera’s transformation journey extends beyond her physical appearance. As part of the Rivera dynasty, she has expressed her commitment to breaking free from a reputation of scandal. She credits distancing herself from certain individuals as a significant part of this change, offering her the chance to find peace and set new personal goals.

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Looking forward, Chiquis Rivera is focused on avoiding unnecessary gossip and maintaining her personal and professional growth path. Although heavily scrutinized and fraught with criticism, her transformation journey represents her determination and resilience. It is the portrait of a woman unafraid to assert her autonomy over her body and life.

Chiquis Rivera’s Weight Loss: Embracing the Changes

In addition to physical changes, Chiquis Rivera’s transformation encompasses her personal and professional life. She believes that her weight loss journey has improved her health and contributed to her self-confidence and professional growth. The artist stands more confident than ever, fueled by the recognition she has received for her work in the music industry.

Chiquis reflects on the changes, “The nominations I’ve had and the awards I’ve won help me and give me more security as a woman and as an artist, and I believe much more in myself, and that has helped me a lot at the time of singing, then it was the perfect moment.”

Chiquis Rivera’s Family Supported Her Weight Loss Efforts

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Throughout her transformation journey, Chiquis Rivera’s siblings – Jacqie, Michael, Jenicka, and Johnny – have been her support pillars. For her, their happiness and constant support are the most cherished elements of her journey.

Chiquis shares, “Seeing them being happy and always supporting me, it’s like I have the support of my mom, that she gives me her support through them. I want to show them that I can do it.”

The strong bonds with her siblings boost her morale and symbolize the unseen support of her late mother, Jenni Rivera.

Emilio Sanchez’s Support

During the interview, the American-born artist highlighted the influence of her boyfriend Emilio Sanchez, who has allowed her to regain self-confidence.

“I let go of that, and I lost my fear. I feel different. I have a person in my life who values me, treats me very well, teaches me new things every day, and he is very mature for his age”, she explained.

Likewise, she indicated that she maintains a healthy relationship with the photographer, which gives her peace after several failed relationships.

“There are many things that have changed, and that has a lot to do with what you see today: another Chiquis,” she added.

Building a New, Healthier Image for the Rivera Dynasty

As a prominent member of the Rivera dynasty, Chiquis Rivera is determined to redefine the image associated with her family. She wants to shift the narrative away from scandals and towards positivity and perseverance.

She stated, “I feel that separating myself a little bit from certain people has helped us a lot, also my siblings, to find peace and to know what we want and the changes we want to make so that it doesn’t affect our children.”

This statement underscores her commitment to personal growth and her dedication to providing a better, more peaceful environment for the future generation of the Rivera family.

Looking Ahead

Chiquis Rivera’s transformation journey has been a testament to her strength, resilience, and commitment to self-love. From undertaking dietary and lifestyle changes, dealing with personal conflicts, and rising professionally, she embodies a woman determined to carve out her path. Amidst all the transformations, her primary focus remains the well-being and happiness of her loved ones, and she continues to seek peace and positivity in her life.

In her own words, “For now, the performer does not want any problems, and gossip is best left far away.” Chiquis Rivera is a shining example of a woman who takes control of her own narrative and shapes it in a way that reflects her authentic self.