How did María Félix’s rivalry with Irma Serrano, “La Tigresa,” originate?

María Félix became one of the most successful actresses, although her personality caused controversy, including a rivalry with Irma Serrano "La Tigresa".

The unforgettable actress María Félix became one of the most emblematic actresses of Mexican cinema. Her talent and beauty captivated Mexicans and made her an icon, although her career was not without controversy, as she had a rivalry with Irma Serrano, known as “La Tigresa.”

Over the years, the controversial situations she had with other celebrities due to her character have come to light and revealed that the rivalry between the actress and Serrano originated in the 1960s, according to Irma’s statements.

Unfortunately, on March 1, 2023, Irma Serrano died.

On American Post News, we share with you what happened last October 2021, and users recalled a controversy of “La Doña” that caused a stir. It all arose because on one occasion the actress criticized poor people and even lashed out against the federal government.

María Félix and the rivalry with Irma Serrano “La Tigresa”

“La Doña” had a rivalry with “La Tigresa” The actress died at the age of 88 in 2002

La Tigresa confessed that it all happened when she started her career in show business, while “La Doña” had already achieved a successful career, as she became one of the great figures of the artistic world.

Serrano commented that the rivalry occurred at a party organized by Félix, which was attended by great show business figures, including Irma Serrano. Still, she left the meeting because she felt humiliated by “La Doña,” who allegedly insisted that she perform one of her songs in a rude and despot manner.

But, the 88-year-old actress did not accept, as she had a bad experience that would mark the intense rivalry. It is worth mentioning that Félix showed a certain indifference towards the actress on one occasion, but “La Tigresa” lashed out at her and called her a frivolous mummy.

In that interview, she said that every time the actress stepped on Mexican soil, it was to insult the city and said at the time that she was an uneducated person. She also confessed that she had no interest in making peace with her and said that her figure was based on her beauty.

What was the cause of the death of María Félix?

The actress passed away at the age of 88 in 2002.

The actress passed away on April 8, 2002, on her 88th birthday, she died of natural causes. Although there were several versions of her death, the corresponding authorities determined that she died of heart failure.

After the departure of actress Maria Felix, her fans remember her with affection and admiration. In addition to her beauty, she demonstrated her talent on the big screen with great actors and actresses of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, and she was also known as “La Doña.”