How did Pato Parodi react when his sister told him she was pregnant at 23?

Majo Parodi, one of the younger sisters of Patrick Parodi, told intimate details about the moment when she revealed to her family that she was pregnant at her short 23 years of age.

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The young woman took a few minutes to reveal to her followers what was the reaction of her parents and the member of “This is War” when she told them that she was in the sweet waiting.

According to him, he gathered his close circle in a restaurant and when ordering the desserts he revealed the news to them. “On my sister’s graduation day we went to dinner at night. I told them that I have something to tell you that this table is no longer 7 but 8″, He detailed.

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How did ‘Pato’ Parodi react?

The captain of the “Warriors” surprised the nutritionist with a tender gesture when he found out that he would become an uncle. “Next to me was Patricio, he grabbed my hand and began to kiss me. My dad started crying like crazy. I swear to you, the words would not come out. It was super cute”, He commented.

Majo Parodi, who has her twin sister Mafer, also admitted that this baby was not planned, as she was focused on her studies. “No, it was not in my plans. I was doing my master abroad “he added.


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