How did Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel meet?

The romance of Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel was quite controversial, especially with the birth of the only daughter of Sol de México, Michelle Salas, whose paternity he denied for many years.

Although “Luis Miguel: The Series” showed a bit of the relationship between the singer and his daughter, the previous romance with Stephanie was completely ignored. Many fans don’t know they met backstage at the musical “Vaselina” in 1984.

The actress and singer was part of the cast of the play, while the Sol de México was invited to the unveiling of a plaque for his number of performances. After their first meeting, Stephanie Salas had a passionate affair with Luis Miguel.

What happened to Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas?

Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas

Michelle Salas, Luis Miguel’s daughter, exploded against the series after being sexualized, in what would become the most recent disagreement in a long history of friction between father and daughter.

In his Netflix series, the singer acknowledged having been an absent figure in the first years of his daughter’s life, whom he visited occasionally after their first meeting years after her birth.

Finally it was Michelle’s romance at 19 with Alejandro Asensi, then representative of the interpreter, which caused the distancing that until today they have not managed to correct 100%.

What does Stephanie Salas say about Luis Miguel?

Stephanie Salas talks about Luis Miguel

Stephanie Salas reacted to the episode of Luis Miguel: The series where she was presented but her comments were not positive and she assured that the program “has a lot of fiction.”

“I no longer even know who is lying,” said Stephanie, who also assured that some scenes with her daughter would have been included for publicity and do not represent what actually happened.

Daughter of Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel

Daughter of Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel

Michelle Salas, now 32 years old, is the daughter of Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel, the product of a casual relationship between the two. And if you want to know who interprets the daughter of Luis Miguel in the series, is the actress Macarena Achaga.