How did the lawsuit between Anette Cuburu and Andrea Legarreta arise?

Anette Cuburu and Andrea Legarreta They began with the lawsuits when an alleged affair between the blonde woman and the host of “HOY”, Raúl Araiza, was leaked in an entertainment magazine, which would have caused a significant marriage breakdown.

Despite several years having passed, the theme resounded again Now that Legarreta granted an interview to the entertainment journalist, Mara Patricia Castañeda, where she was once again questioned regarding that controversy that was born at that time in the entertainment media.

If you want to know what Andrea Legarreta reveals about the lawsuit with Anette Cuburu, then AmericanPost.News He shares the details of what happened between Anette Cuburu and Andrea Legarreta back then.

What happened to Anette Cuburu and Andrea Legarreta?

Anette Cuburu revealed that she does not maintain a friendship with Andrea Legarreta despite having worked together on the program Today. The presenter of the morning of Televisa broke the silence and spoke for the first time about how their enmity arose and the strong discussion he had with the host of Venga la Alegría.

Andrea Legarreta wrote a message to Anette Cuburu to find out the reasons why she was upset with her; however, the answer of the host of TV Azteca was violent, according to Erik Rubín’s wife. It is something delicate for her, more than for me. He responded in a very aggressive way, it made me very cool.

Say she took a decision in his life that brought him consequencesMaybe there are people who told her: ‘Andrea went to crack and so and so, so and so’, she preferred to think that, than to assume the result of the decision she made and then she wrote to me in a somewhat strong way “.

At that time, Anette was married to Alejandro Benítez and Araiza was married to Fernanda Rodríguez, a situation that put both marriages in check and resulted in separations, divorces and scandals.

Who is Anette Cuburu’s husband?

Anette Cuburu’s husband What happened to Andrea Legarreta?

Anette Cuburu’s husband, until 2011, which was the year she divorced, was Alejandro Benitez who for many years was the executive in charge of hiring the talent that would be integrated to work at Televisa. He was the one who also decided which celebrities would or would not keep their exclusive contract.

Thus, the position that Alejandro Benítez held for several years at Televisa was that of General Director of Marketing of Artists of the San Ángel television station, which was in charge of stopping the career of the host on television, because it caused the veto of Anette not only on Televisa and TV Azteca, but on all world television stations.

What happened to Andrea Legarreta?

What happened to Andrea Legarreta?

Currently Andrea Legarreta is out of the Hoy Program and has been replaced by Carmen Muñoz, although speculation about the final departure of the driver did not wait, the driver has communicated that he is on vacation so he will be away for a few days.

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