How do I get my business to appear on Google Maps?

Google Maps displays information that makes it easier to contact businesses

Google Maps displays information that makes it easier to contact businesses

Photo: Henry Perks/Unsplash

Be in Google Maps can be the difference between achieving a higher number of sales and become a point of reference in a city or go unnoticed by the millions of people who use this Google tool.

One of the main reasons that invite you to try this service is the fact that in addition to being free, offers the possibility of giving visibility to businesses quickly and without the need to comply with too many requirements.

To all this is added the fact that for a business to have a presence on Google Maps can serve as an advertising mechanism, both local and national, which works 24 hours a day.

Here we explain how you can make your business appear on Google Maps and increase your sales:

1. Create a profile on Google my Business

The first step for a business to appear on Google Maps is to have an account on the Google my Business platform. This is a profile that provides data to the user such as the name of the business, the field to which it is dedicated, its address, opening hours, as well as contact information.

This will allow said data to appear in a small file, accompanied by images, when searching for the name of the place in Google.

To create a Google my Business account, you must have a Gmail account. This process can be done quickly from the platform website.

As part of this process, the person must enter the business data mentioned above. It is important to note that although having a website can be a plus at the time of registration, this is not an exclusive requirement.

2. Verify profile

Once the Google My Business account has been created, the user must verify the profile. This process will be carried out through a letter which will be sent by the platform to the business address provided during the registration process..

In this letter you will find a special code that the user must enter on the platform to verify that the data provided is correct.

By completing this step, the business will officially be part of Google Maps and can begin to appear in searches carried out by users..

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