How do they get? Gabriel Soto revealed details of the deal he has with his ex Geraldine Bazán

The actress Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Soto announced their separation in September 2017, because after having been writing their love story for more than 10 years, they ended a romance from which their two little girls, Elissa Marie and Alexa, were born. Miranda. A year later they proceeded to sign what was the divorce decree.

At the beginning the problems between the two were never lacking, and it is that they always ended up starring in the headlines of the press in the world of entertainment. However, after more than four years had elapsed, it became known, according to Soto, that: “(Geraldine Bazán and I) are very; It’s been a long, long time.”expressed in ‘Wake up America’.

The actor of ‘Single with daughters’ also offered details of what has been the relationship of his two little ones with his current partner, Irina Baeva.

My daughters oh! Yes, totally (coupled to their new romantic relationship). I have always said, as long as I am fine, they will be fine, and while their mother is fine, my daughters will be fine, “he said on the program.

The protagonist of “Divided Love” also explained that everything related to his daughters will always be the priority, not only for him but also for Bazán and many other relatives of both actors.

I have always said that for our daughters they are a priority for everyone, for their mother, for me, for everyone; now for the whole family. The idea is that the children are well, and everything in relation to them. Lead the relationship cordial, respectful, affable, so that the children are well, ”he added.

The Mexican spoke of one of the most recent trips he made where he took his daughters, they went to visit New York where they took the opportunity to go to prominent and recognized places around the world.

We went sightseeing, to know. My daughters had not been to New York, well Elissa had., but it was very small; so we went to the Statue of Liberty, we went to all the landmarks, to Central Park. Now it’s time to go sightseeing, spending some very pleasant days and very much liked it, ”she explained.

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