How expensive is it to eat at Tatich Tulum, the restaurant Eduin Caz owns on the beach in Tulum, Quintana Roo?

The restaurant of which Eduin Caz is a partner offers a wide variety of dishes that combine flavors from the sea and the land, although it can come off as 'affectionate'.

Last May, Eduin Caz, lead singer of Grupo Firme, announced the opening of an exclusive restaurant called Tatich Tulum, located right on the beach in Tulum, Quintana Roo.

Some of the amenities the site offers, in addition to direct access to the beach, are a large pool in the center, a large restaurant, and another bar space. It promises seafood food, a wide variety of cocktails, and live music.

However, this place has attracted attention since its inauguration due to the high costs of the opening party, which amounted to 120,000 pesos for 16 people (around $6,400). And nowadays, the menu is not far from average prices.

Tatich Tulum: these are the prices of Eduin Caz’s restaurant

Eduin Caz’s restaurant, located in Tulum’s hotel zone, is described as a modern, Mayan-style placewith a relaxed but eclectic atmosphere and a multi-sensory and unforgettable experience.” It also serves as a beach club.

Tatich Tulum offers a wide variety of dishes that combine the flavors of the sea and the land with a gourmet touch provided by the in-house chef.

Tatich Tulum menu and prices

The menu consists of appetizers, main courses, meat cuts, desserts, and a variety of cocktails. However, the prices have been a source of conversation among some users on the Internet, as they are considered high.

For example, a starter can cost from 410 pesos, or ≈ $22 (roasted vegetable salad with chimichurri) to 580 pesos, or ≈ $31 (Xni-pec ceviche, made with shrimp and octopus). However, most range between 450 pesos (≈ $24) and 480 pesos (≈ $25).

As for main courses, the cheapest you can find is the rock shrimp tacos, which cost 420 pesos (≈ $22). If you want to go crazy, you can order a lobster with carrot puree for 1,900 pesos (a bit more than $100).

The steaks are the most expensive item on the menu: they range from 890 pesos (≈ $47) for a 280-gram piece of meat to 2,500 pesos (≈ $133) for a cut of just over a kilo. And if you want to accompany it with a side dish, it’s 190 pesos more (or ≈ $10).

At the moment, there are only two types of dessert:

  • Tatich Garden: 420 pesos (≈ $22)
  • Cocoa: 490 pesos (≈ $26)

There are two types of drinks: house and classic. All the drinks on the menu cost the same (house 320 pesos, or ≈ $17; classic 270 pesos, or ≈ $14).