How Friends Mix works, the new Spotify feature

Spotify introduced a new feature called Friends Mix that will allow its users to listen a playlist made up of songs heard by that person’s friends. The playlist will be updated daily based on the tastes of other users.

From the application they explained that one of the goals of the new feature is to make it easier for users to discover music new from the songs and artists your friends listen to.

They indicated that the idea of ​​creating a concept like Friends Mix arises when analyzing that there are currently more than 11 million playlists on the platform that contain the word “Friend” in your title. This shows how interested Spotify users are in sharing their musical tastes with other people.

“We are pleased to announce Friends Mix, the latest in our personalized playlist offerings, to help listeners discover new and familiar tracks based on trends among friends”; Spotify published through its website.

They emphasize that the only requirement to be able to use this new function, which will be available both on mobile devices and in the desktop version, will be to have friends within the platform.

Therefore, the greater the number of friends a user has, the more likely it is that the song and artist recommendations may become more varied.

Spotify clarified that users must also have at least three Blends (playlists shared between two users), in order to start receiving daily Friends Mix recommendations.

The new playlist can be found in the “Made for Us” section, so that it is easy for users to locate..

Those users who wish to create a Blend with one of their friends on the platform only need locate the search engine and write “Blend”, to later press the “Invite” button. This will send the request to the friend and once they accept it, the Blend between them will be created automatically.

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