How is Luca Vildoza? His representative speaks before a few key days for him at the Knicks

Luca vildoza He plans to travel to the United States in the coming days, specifically this Thursday. And there the Knicks doctors will assess the state of his injury, right foot problems that have been dragging on for months.

The former Baskonia player will participate in the training camp of the New York Knicks, the team he made the jump to last season, with the aim of getting one of the guaranteed places on the New York roster. The Argentine has three more years signed with the Knicks, about $ 3 million per season, but for that contract to be in force, he must be on the roster before the start of this season. That is, the first 3 million, those of next season, will be guaranteed if they do not cut these days, specifically before October 20, one day after the league begins.

If that happens and he is not cut, 50% of the next year of contract, that of the season 22/23, becomes guaranteed and there the Knicks will once again have the possibility of cutting him and not guaranteeing the rest of the contract, that is, the remaining 50% and the last year, 23/24, according to Hoopshype. And the same will happen before that final season, which will be guaranteed if he remains in the squad at the start of the season. What he has already pocketed is the 3 million from last season, although part of that money had to be used to pay his termination clause with Baskonia.

Therefore, these weeks will be decisive to see how the future NBA of the Argentine base evolves. His representative, the also Argentine Claudio Villanueva, explained on the UCU web radio how the situation in Vildoza is:

«Luca has a foot injury that is worrying us a lot. He is undergoing a very strong treatment in Madrid, with a very good specialist. We’ll see how he reacts to that: plasma, shock … He is also waiting for a visa to go to the United States. Today, thinking coldly, he shouldn’t have gone to Tokyo and the summer league with the NBA, but the player sometimes closes his eyes and thinks he is a superman who will be able to do everything. We will see how this treatment evolves and to which side it goes

The idea is to go to the Knicks’ training camp and there they have the possibility of cutting him or taking over his contract. But for today, it is what matters the least to me. I care more about the reaction of his ankle, of his foot. I know that it will heal, but the problem is that it has to heal in a week to be in the ‘camp’. If not, we’ll see what we can solve »»

How is the Knicks roster doing?

To this day, New Yorkers have 14 guaranteed contracts, plus rookie Jericho Sims, on a two-way contract. In this way, there would be a place for one more guaranteed contract, which in principle Luca Vildoza and the foreign Dwayne Bacon will compete. On the other hand, two undrafted players like MJ Walker and Aamir Simms are fighting for the second two-way contract available to the team.

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