how it helps you save money easily

The days when an AARP membership was available only to those 55 and over are long gone. Did you know that ANYONE can join? When I turned 30, I found out that I was a candidate to join and begin enjoying the benefits of AARP’s savings and discount opportunities. Although not all discounts are available to people my age, I decided to pay for my $ 12 AARP membership to join and enjoy the thank you gift backpack.

Save money with AARP

One of the biggest advantages of an AARP membership is the discounts they have. In the last two years of being a member, I have saved money at various establishments, especially some of my favorite places that I visit regularly. Here are some examples of my savings that justify my AARP membership in just the first month:

DatePlacePurchased amountSaving
January 7, 2020Walgreens$ 22.77$ 2.77 (10%)
January 13, 2020Have breakfast at Landry’s$ 33.32$ 3.32 (10%)
January 13, 2020Dinner at McCormick$ 88.87$ 8.87 (10%)
February 8, 2020Breakfast at Denny’s$ 92.46$ 13.87 (15%)

The total accumulated savings is $ 28.83, which is more than the $ 12 per year membership. Take a look at this link which shows the currently available discounts for those with an AARP membership. Tip: Do you want to save a little more? Pool your AARP savings with a credit card that gives you 2% cash back! Aren’t you hanging out a lot these days? No problem! I found another way that AARP members pay for themselves.

Winning prizes with discounts

Woman with her cell phone earning discounts

In addition to discounts, AARP has a minute-long video series. They are on a wide variety of topics, such as healthy food, exercise, places to travel, and a series of tips for care. When you finish watching a video, you get AARP points. These points are easy to get, and there are also often opportunities for additional points as well. Don’t miss out on the many other ways to earn points! The AARP website offers fun puzzles, ten-question quizzes, and extra credit offers that can help you score points. In one year, I was able to earn more than 200,000 points. How did I change my points?

Store (Gift Card)Dollar amount
Starbucks$ 5
1-800-Flowers$ 45
breadbasket$ 60
Home Goods / Marshalls$ 60
Omaha Steaks$ 15
Macy’s$ 15
Target$ 15

That’s $ 215 in total gift cards! You can also use your points to enter lotteries for larger items, like a $ 2,500 cash prize or a $ 500 Costco gift card. I chose to go back to the world and donate $ 20,000 points to the AARP Foundation, which helps seniors file their taxes and offers many other helpful services.

Little pig receiving coins as a concept of savings by discounts

Between the person discounts for the month of January and the multiple gift cards received, I saved over $ 200 in my first year alone! While the benefits are wonderful, there are a few things you cannot do with an AARP membership if you are not 55 years old. When it was time to renew my car insurance, I thought I could use AARP insurance from The Hartford. When I called and gave my information, I was informed that I was not a candidate due to my age. Despite being an AARP member, there are some programs that may not be available to members younger than that age. But overall, if you like to save money like I do, you should consider becoming an AARP member. From discounts on trips to savings in restaurants, you can’t go wrong with this card or in physical or digital money. Are you a member of AARP? Don’t miss the opportunity to write down your favorite ways to save in the comments space!