How many booths are there from Guadalajara to CDMX and how much do they cost?

Mexico.- One of the favorite tourist destinations of travelers is the Mexico City, full of attractions and activities to meet and do that will surely leave a unique experience. Cosmopolitan, gastronomic, with a great cultural offer and many entertainment activities characterize the great city, according to the Mexico tourism page.

If between plans you have travel to Mexico City departing from the city of Guadalajara We tell you everything you need to know to go to one of the most visited and acclaimed cities in the Aztec country, where there are endless tourist attractions to visit.

How many booths are there from Guadalajara to CDMX and how much do they cost?

From Guadalajara to Mexico City it takes 08 hours and 45 minutes, traveling 603 kilometers. According to information taken from the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) there are 11 toll booths from one point to another, which generate an expense of $1,133 Mexican pesos only one way, that is, $2,266 MXN for a round trip. Although this changes if you travel by motorcycle, since you pay a total of $1,064 pesos.

Booths from Guadalajara to CDMX

  • The Jewel: $65
  • Ocotlan: $163
  • Ecuadorean: $113
  • Panindícuaro: $211
  • Zinapecuaro: $164
  • Contepec: $50
  • San Juanico: $50
  • Atlacomulco/Queretaro: $105
  • Humps: $61
  • Humps (CM): $92
  • Tultepec: $59

Total: $1,133

Get to know the booths that there are from Guadalajara to Mexico City. Photo: Pixabay

What to do when visiting CDMX?

Explore the Historic Center. To start with a good tour of CDMX, it is essential to visit the Historic Center, where you will find the best fashion stores and the richest restaurants located in colonial buildings that house a great history. A walk through the place allows you to learn more about the past of the great city, visit the Postal Palace, the House of Tiles, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Alameda Park, the Iturbide Palace, the Estanquillo Museum, the Palace of Government, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Templo Mayor, the National Museum of Art, the Church of La Profesa and many more, all in one place.

Visit Xochimilco. There is no doubt that a good tourist attraction in CDMX is Xochimilco, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, an unmissable walk to learn about its traditions, get on its famous and colorful trajineras and try the local dishes that enhance the gastronomy of the city. big city. In this CDMX tourist attraction you can enjoy an incredible day sailing through its canals that are embellished with endemic fauna and flora, in addition, you should not miss the opportunity to try its traditional snacks, Mexican music and drink its famous drinks such as fresh pulp.

Tour Garibaldi Square. Near the Historic Center of CDMX is Plaza Garibaldi, the best place in the big city to feel all the Mexican passion. In the tourist attraction, mariachi music governs, which are present in every corner, but you can also enjoy banda, norteño, trio and jarocho music, whether enjoying one song, three or even a dozen. In the square they sell all kinds of drinks to enjoy the visit even more, it has restaurants, bars and even a museum, which is well worth enjoying.

Venture into the Chapultepec Forest. Nature lovers cannot miss the opportunity to visit the impressive and gigantic Bosque de Chapultepec, which has different historical riches. In addition to having a very impressive green area, it also has a museum, the National Museum of Anthropology, another must-see, where the most important collection of pre-Hispanic pieces from Mexico is housed, including the Aztec Calendar or Stone of the Sun. At the top of the place is also the National Museum of History or “Chapultepec Castle”, which was the warehouse, military academy and residence of Maximiliano de Habsburgo and Carlota. In the place important pieces of the past of Mexico are exposed, a tourist attraction that you have to know and explore each of its corners.

Walk along the Paseo de la Reforma. You can walk through the most elegant and fashionable avenue of CDMX, where you can find some of the most important monuments of the big city, such as the Angel of Independence and the fountain dedicated to Diana the Huntress; on its sides there are shops, malls, museums and the best restaurants. A few steps away is also the Monument to the Mexican Revolution that houses the National Museum of the Revolution.

The Angel of Independence is one of the most outstanding tourist attractions in CDMX. Photo: Pixabay

Go to Coyoacan. Another unmissable visit to Coyoacán, a neighborhood south of CDMX that has an important role in the country’s history. It offers museums, restaurants, bars, craft markets and a pleasant square to spend the day. It is in this place where the famous Frida Kahlo Museum or Casa Azul is located, where the artist lived and personal objects of her and her partner, Diego Rivera, are exhibited, as well as different works of art. It is a must to take the opportunity to eat their traditional snacks such as the skies, ice cream of all flavors, including the most exotic, and their popular churros, without a doubt, an unmissable visit. Being in Coyoacán you can sit in its plaza and have a very pleasant time.

Visit the Basilica of Guadalupe. Devout and religious can take into account in their tour of CDMX the beautiful Basilica of Guadalupe, the second most visited Catholic sanctuary in the world, a place designed by Pedro Ramírez Vázquez. At the top is the famous Cerro del Tepeyac and a few steps away is the Capilla del Cerrito, where, according to tradition, the Virgin of Guadalupe gave the roses to Juan Diego.

Admire the Craft Market of La Ciudadela. One of the most visited markets in CDMX is that of Artesanías de La Ciudadela, the perfect place to learn about the great variety that exists in Mexico, from glass, onyx, or silver bracelets, to textiles from Chiapas, copper from Michoacán, serapes , hats or basketry, a perfect place to admire the work of Mexican artisans.

Know the Palace of Fine Arts. Featured as the main cultural center of CDMX, the Palace of Fine Arts is the perfect place to visit during a trip to the big city. In the place, important pieces of art are exhibited and different live events such as musicals, dance, theater and opera are also offered.

Climb the Latin American Tower. Located in the Historic Center of Mexico, the Torre Latinoamericana is perfect for living a unique experience on a trip to CDMX, set within the most famous skyscraper in the big city and many take advantage of their visit to climb to the top of the tower and enjoy the beauties of the place from its viewpoint. It has a museum to explore, restaurants, entertaining adventures and much more.

Try its exquisite gastronomy. Without hesitation, it is a must to try the gastronomy that CDMX has, a great variety of flavors, traditions and customs. Among the most outstanding dishes of CDMX gastronomy are the tamale cake, the red and green tamales, the migas broth, chili peppers, flour cracklings with pork skins, belly quesadillas, chili en nogada, enchiladas, chilaquiles and many more. The most typical are tacos, tlacoyos, sopes, huaraches, flautas, elotes, basket tacos and skites. But if what you want is something sweet, you can try their famous snacks, from fried foods of different flavors, colors, shapes and textures, to chopped fruits, breads, ice creams, churros, donuts and much more. Among the selection of drinks, the fresh waters stand out, but also its popular micheladas, pulque, tlachique and natural juices.

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