How many children does Chabelo have?

Find out how many children the famous actor Xavier López Rodríguez, better known as Chabelo, has.

Xavier López Rodríguez, known as Chabelo, is a Mexican-American actor, comedian, television host, and children’s singer.

Chabelo had three children with Teresita Miranda and one daughter out of wedlock. Some say he is so old that nobody remembers how many children he has. The oldest child of the “friend of all children” is named Óscar López Miranda; it is known that he is a father of a family and has approximately 4 children of his own.

The famous actor Xavier López Rodríguez was born on February 17, 1935, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. His parents were José Luis López Barba and Eulalia Rodríguez, both originally from León, Guanajuato, Mexico, who moved to the United States before he was born and would later procreate two daughters, Xavier’s younger sisters.

It is said that the famous Chabelo missed classes to make frequent visits to the facilities of the building known as “Televicentro,” inaugurated in 19529 and owned by the alliance of Mexican radio stations, Telesistema Mexicano, which later became Televisa.

Is Thalia the daughter of Chabelo?

A strong rumor pointed out that the famous actor Chabelo once revealed that he was the real father of singer Thalia, resulting from a relationship with actress Laura Zapata.

It was highlighted at the time that the famous singer Thalia knew about this fact when she was 17 years old, but she rejected him as her father, and a video on the networks began to go viral and spread this news.

Fortunately, it was said that the video was simply one of the many jokes circulated in social networks that often make victims to the famous Chabelo, so both at the time took it with thanks and did not have to clarify anything.

Who is the unrecognized daughter of Chabelo?

Supposed daughter of Chabelo Current wife of Chabelo

In 2018 a strong controversy came to public light, and it is that the artist has an unrecognized 18 years old daughter, as Oralia Perez, mother of the alleged daughter of Chabelo, gave the news exclusively to the entertainment program Ventaneando.

The mother of Lesli, the still unrecognized daughter of the En Familia host, made the news public at the request of her own daughter, who wants to know and be recognized by her father.

On the other hand, Oralia commented in the interview for the TV Azteca program that she decided to start her relationship with Chabelo, despite knowing that he was married, but that Mrs. Perez never received anything from Xavier Lopez, other than the blessing to raise her daughter alone.

How many wives did Chabelo have?

Current wife of Chabelo

It should be noted that the famous Xavier Lopez “Chabelo,” the “friend of all children,” had two marriages and three children. Some may not know that the host of “En Familia con Chabelo” made Angelita Castany, a Cuban actress to whom he was married for three years, his first wife.

Sadly, Chabelo’s first wife died on September 29, 2020, at 86, allegedly due to Covid-19. However, in 1969 “Chabelo” married again, but this time to Teresa Miranda, a Cuban dancer whom he met in Mexico.

That is why, with Teresita, as he is affectionately known, and the actor in twenty films, they had three children: Oscar, Javier, and Gabriel, who already have children and have turned “Chabelo” into a grandfather.

It should be noted that Xavier and Teresita Miranda are still married and in love, as the lady for many decades has supported the actor and his career as “Chabelo” even Teresita has denied the rumors of death around the actor, which always arise in social networks.

It is worth remembering that in popular culture and memes, Chabelo has come to be considered “immortal” because most of the artists he lived with or other famous people in Mexico and even in other countries have already passed away while he is still alive.