How many mansions does Karol G have? The incredible mansions and penthouses in California, Miami, and Medellín

Karol G is one of the most important urban music singers today and one of the most famous in the world. Her unique singing style and offering of incredible shows to her followers are reflected in all aspects of her artistic career and her patrimony, specifically in her houses, which she acquired and decorated thanks to her great fortune and success.

La Bichota is a traveling fan, which is why she has properties in different countries, such as the United States and her native Colombia. Thus, the singer’s homes are as iconic as her art.

How many houses does Karol G have?

United States

Karol G currently has a mansion in California and a penthouse in Miami, United States. She loves being in that city, as she has thousands of fans.

Karol G in front of the mountains at her home in Los Angeles, California.
Karol G is in front of the mountains at her home in Los Angeles, California.

The penthouse features a swimming pool, gym, five bathrooms, three huge bedrooms, and an enviable ocean view. The luxurious space occupies 2,211 square meters.

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On the other hand, the mansion, located in front of the mountains in Los Angeles, California, is made of wood and marble and has a swimming pool and an outdoor grill. It also has a man-made lagoon that looks natural. During the pandemic, she uploaded several posts on social media but only showed the house’s exterior.

Bichota's homes are as iconic as their art.
Bichota’s homes are as iconic as their art.


In her home country, the Colombian singer has another mansion. This property is the largest of all. Its hectares are home to dogs, horses, and other farm animals. The artist declared herself an animal lover, so she decided to adapt her mansion to give her pets more space.

The house also includes a large garage where she keeps her luxurious cars, or her “jeepetas”. In addition, it has large windows that illuminate and let you see different rooms of the house. Among the most striking are the bar and its spacious kitchen. Like the United States, this house also has a swimming pool in the middle of the garden.

It is estimated that the property is valued at more than 8 million dollars.