How many years was Boris Johnson Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

United Kingdom.- Boris Johnson he won two terms as Conservative mayor in left-leaning London and was the face of the 2016 campaign to take Britain out of the European Union. Their landslide victory in the 2019 general election sealed his reputation among his fellow Tories as someone with a magic touch to win votes, however, despite his resignationHis term has not yet ended.

The selection of Johnson as a conservative leader Prime Minister in July 2019 capped off a rollercoaster ride to the top. He held important posts, including Mayor of London and UK Foreign Secretary, but also spent periods on the fringes of politics after self-inflicted mistakes.

Many times, Alexander Boris by Pfeffel Johnson he was written off as a lightweight who lacked the seriousness necessary in a leader. He sometimes colluded with that impression, fostering the image of a scruffy, Latin-speaking populist with a shock of blond hair who didn’t take himself too seriously.

He once said that he had as much chance of becoming prime minister as he had of finding Elvis on Mars.

First elected to Parliament in 2001, moved for years between journalism and politicsand became well known as a newspaper columnist and guest on television comedy game shows.

He sometimes made offensive comments, calling Papua New Guineans cannibals and comparing Muslim women wearing face-covering veils to “letter boxes”, which caused a furor and which he shrugged off as a joke.

His first major political post, as Mayor of London between 2008 and 2016It suited his talents. He developed a high global profile as a cheerful ambassador for the city, an image exemplified when he got stuck on a zip line during the 2012 London Olympics, waving Union Jacks as he dangled in the air.

Critics criticized his endorsement of vanity projects, including a little-used cable car and a never-built “garden bridge” over the River Thames, warning that he could not be trusted. When was a young journalist, The Times of London had fired Johnson for inventing a quote.

He was once recorded promising to give a friend the address of a journalist the friend wanted to hit. He was sacked from a high Conservative post for lying about an extramarital affair.

As Brussels correspondent for the Daily Telegraphspecialized in exaggerated stories of EU profligacy and ludicrous bureaucracy, stories that helped turn British opinion against the bloc, with far-reaching consequences.

Historian Max Hastings, Johnson’s former boss at the Telegraph, later called him “a man of remarkable gifts, flawed by lack of conscience, principle, or scruple.”

It was Brexit which gave Johnson his big break. Johnson’s co-leadership in the campaign to take Britain out of the European Union helped the “exit” side secure a narrow victory in a 2016 referendum.

His bullish energy was essential to the victory. Also, critics said, were the campaign’s lies, such as the false claim that Britain he was sending £350m a week to the EU, money that could instead be spent on the UK’s national health service.

The vote of Brexit it was a triumph for Johnson, but it did not immediately make him prime minister. Theresa May won a Conservative Party leadership contest and took the top job.

Johnson had to watch and wait for three years as May struggled to secure a divorce deal acceptable to both the bloc and the British Parliament. When it failed, the promise of Johnson of “getting Brexit done” earned him the post of prime minister.

In December 2019 he secured the Conservative Party its largest parliamentary majority since Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.

His first few months in office were tense. Lawmakers resisted his Brexit plans and suspended Parliament, until the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom ruled that the move was illegal. Opponents said it was another example of breaking the rules and disregarding the law of Johnson.

After several delays in the exit date, Johnson achieved his goal of taking Britain out of the EU on January 31, 2020. However, despite the slogan of Johnson, Brexit was far from “finished”, with many issues still to be resolved, including the sensitive status of Northern Ireland, a continuing source of friction between Britain and the block.

Is Boris Johnson still prime minister?

Yes for now. His resignation, which came after dozens of ministers resigned from his government in protest, sparks a partisan race to replace him as leader. All Conservative lawmakers are eligible to run and party officials could open nominations within hours.

Once the candidates have been put forward, Conservative lawmakers vote in a series of knockout rounds. The candidate with the fewest votes is withdrawn and voting continues until there are two contenders remaining. Depending on the number of candidates, the process could be completed in a few days.

The final two candidates will be put to the vote of all party members across the country, some 180,000 people, by postal ballot. That process is expected to take several weeks, with the exact timetable up to the 1922 Committee that runs the party’s elections.

The winner of the vote will become Conservative Leader and Prime Minister, without the need for national elections.

Boris Johnson resigns

Johnson’s resignation Thursday comes after he weathered numerous scandals during three tumultuous years in power in which he brazenly bent and at times broke the rules of British politics.

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