How much do the fancy boots that Belinda wore in “Welcome to Eden” cost?

Belinda returned to acting, playing Africa, in the new Netflix series “Welcome to Eden” and her character seems to share the same love for fashion. From the beginning of the story, we saw her wear iconic and luxurious boots who stole attention on social networks.

We have to remind you that “Welcome to Eden” premiered on Netflix on May 6 and Belinda’s participation in the series marked her long-awaited return to acting.

The singer and actress appears in the first chapter of the series with a pink dress, a lilac coat and boots with embedded crystals that complicated Africa’s attempts to walk on the sand. However, she never took them off, which stole the attention of some netizens.

Belinda’s boots in “Welcome to Eden”

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The boots that the Spanish-born singer and actress Belinda uses in the series are the creation of German designer Philipp Plein, have a 120-millimeter-high heel and with an embedded skull covered in rhinestones.

Similarly, they are made of multicolored elastic satin, with shades such as blue, pink and purple, and are encrusted with transparent crystals.

These boots were available on the designer’s official website at a cost of 560,715 Mexican pesos (or around $27,500 USD) and at the Farfetch store were displayed for 420,555 Mexican pesos (around $20,650 USD). Coincidence or not, the boots are not available anymore.

Belinda series on Netflix

Belinda plays Africa in “Welcome to Eden.”

In various interviews, Belinda has talked about her character “Africa” ​​in the Netflix series “Welcome to Eden”, where she plays an influencer who bases her personality on her work.

“In the end you realize, and not only her, all of us realize that life on social networks, a perfect life, does not exist. We all have many gaps, good times, bad times in life. I think that this is a great message that Africa is discovering in Eden” she revealed.

Similarly, Belinda has been questioned about her boots in “Welcome to Eden and has revealed that they were an important part of his character, playing a role in establishing her character’s style. However, she has confessed that they were difficult for her to use in the arena.

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