How much does Andrea Legarreta pay for a great hotel with Erik Rubín?

Andrea Legarreta is a famous Mexican driver who recently went on vacation in the company of her husband Erik Rubín and his daughters, Mía and Nina, and through Instagram he has been sharing the places he has visited.

It should be noted that the star presenter of the program “Hoy”, began his journey in Californiawhere he stayed for a few days and with his family visited the Ripley’s Museum.

Shortly after, I can see that they started their journey to Indonesia, on a 12-hour flight to Japan, where they made a 5-hour layover. So Andrea Legarreta’s family took the opportunity to enjoy a delicious sushi at the airport while they waited to board the next plane.

Andrea Legarreta and her family in Indonesia

The family toured the streets of Jakarta and visited the Prambanan temples. In one of her publications, Andrea Legarreta wrote: “Traveling is giving life to life… Feeding the soul and filling the heart with memories…”

It was learned that Andrea Legarreta and her family are staying at the Ayana Komodo Resort, and according to its website, it is a 5-star hotel with excellent views of the sea.

When checking the price of the rooms, there was only one type of suite available, which has a private balcony with a direct view of the sea, the option to choose between double beds or one king size.

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How much did the hotel cost Andrea Legarreta?

It has also been highlighted that the hotel has marble bathrooms, 55-inch television, Wi-Fi, minibar, Jacuzzi and interconnected rooms if guests wish.

It is highlighted that the cost of a room with two adults is around 561 – 607 dollars (about 11,181.96 – 12,098.85 Mexican pesos respectively), depending on whether they want to include breakfast or not.

Apparently if there are four adults, they can rent 2 interconnected rooms for an approximate cost of 1,122 – 1,217 dollars, that is, about 22,363.93 or 24,257.49 Mexican pesos with or without breakfast included.

It should be noted that the cost of the rooms is per day, they must check-in at 3:00 PM and leave the room at noon at the latest, so it is estimated that this is approximately the luxury that the beautiful is giving herself. Andrea Legarreta in Indonesia.

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