How much does Christian Nodal charge per concert?

Mexican music is increasingly listened to worldwide, and one of the most exponential young artists of the moment is Christian Nodal, who can earn millions of dollars per concert.

Far from his last episodes full of controversy, the singer of “Adiós Amor” is a recognized star, so if he announces a concert, it sells out in minutes. For this reason, the Mexican singer can earn an impressive amount of money in one night.

According to several web portals, there is no official figure to know how much Christian Nodal charges per concert unless you want to hire the singer and call to ask for a quote.

How much does Christian Nodal earn per concert?

How much does Christian Nodal earn per concert?

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According to reports from the sites “Fame Ranker” and “Popnable,” Christian Nodal’s presentations cost around 90 thousand dollars per show. However, this amount may vary depending on the area and the season.

This means that in a concert, Christian Nodal can earn around 1.8 million Mexican pesos.