How much does it cost to visit CDMX by car this Easter 2022 from Culiacán, Sinaloa?

The holidays are just around the corner and if you still don’t have a predisposed destination to get rid of work and school stress, then you should consider Mexico City, so We tell you how much it costs to visit CDMX by car this Easter 2022.

Traveling to distant cities can be exhausting for the designated driver, however it is worth not worrying about how to get around in the destination city, for that reason it is necessary to know the costs that could arise on the road, and that is that the toll booths are a of the main concerns.

With a distance of 1,236 kilometers from Culiacan, Sinaloa to Mexico Citya road trip time of 14 hours and 45 minutes is expected, according to Google Maps, this without counting the obligatory stops to rest your legs a bit and eat something during the journey.

The Palace of Fine Arts is a cultural venue located in the Historic Center of Mexico City. Photo: Unsplash

To get to Mexico City from Culiacán, it is necessary to cross 20 toll booths according to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), which have a total one-way cost of 2,375 pesos, while a round trip has a cost of only in booths of 4 thousand 750 pesos; These are divided into booths:

  • Costa Rica Junction – La Cruz Junction has a cost of 152 pesos.
  • Junction La Cruz – El Venadillo has a cost of 131 pesos.
  • Caleritas Junction – Piedritas Junction costs 165 pesos.
  • Piedritas Junction – Rosamorada Junction costs 285 pesos.
  • Rosamorada Junction – The San Blas Cruise has a cost of 140 pesos.
  • The San Blas – Tepic Cruise (Ent. El Pichón) has a cost of 95 pesos.
  • Tepic (Ent. San Cayetano) – Junction Ixtlán del Río has a cost of 60 pesos.
  • Ixtlán del Río Junction – Magdalena Junction costs 87 pesos.
  • Magdalena Junction – Ameca Junction costs 127 pesos.
  • Junction Tonalá – Junction Guadalajara has a cost of 65 pesos.
  • Guadalajara Junction – La Barca Junction costs 163 pesos.
  • Junction La Barca – Junction Churintzio has a cost of 113 pesos.
  • Junction Churintzio – Junction Morelia has a cost of 211 pesos.
  • Morelia Junction – Maravatío Junction costs 164 pesos.
  • Junction Maravatío – Junction Tlalpujahua has a cost of 50 pesos.
  • Ent. Temascalcingo – Ent. Atlacomulco has a cost of 50 pesos.
  • Lib. N. Mexico City (Ent. Atlacomulco – Ent. Jilotepec) has a cost of 105 pesos.
  • Junction Jilotepec – Junction Jorobas has a cost of 61 pesos.
  • C. Mexiquense (Ent. Jorobas – Ent. Zumpango) has a cost of 92 pesos.
  • C. Mexiquense (Ent. Zumpango – Ent. Los Reyes) has a cost of 59 pesos.

As for fuel, the SCT page indicates that a four-cylinder car using magna-type gasoline could spend 5,020 pesos on a round trip, that is, including the booths on a round trip they would need around 10 thousand Mexican pesos only for road transportation, not counting fuel within the destination.

Are there other transportation alternatives to CDMX?

If you don’t want to travel by car due to costs or driving time, then you could take one of the other options, among which is the bus trip that reaches 18 hours on the road due to stops at certain Central Buses to get on and off passengers, as well as for the rest of the passengers.

The famous canals of Xochimilco, the last remnants of the extensive transportation system created by the Aztecs. Photo: Unsplash

The cost of the bus during Holy Week, that is, from April 10 to 16, is around one thousand 695 pesos the individual one-way ticketso on a round trip you would have to pay 3,390 pesos per person.

Although if you consider that the travel time is too much, you could opt for a plane flight and that, in fact, it could be cheaper on that date according to the Google Travel page where they are offered. round trip flights in 2 thousand 520 pesos.

It is a seat in tourist class, this price includes one piece of hand luggage, it is also direct from Culiacán to Mexico City and only lasts two hours.

How much does a hotel cost in Mexico City?

There is a wide variety of options to choose from among the hotels in CDMX so you should not worry about your budget, you can even lean towards spending the days in a hostel and it would be cheaper.

A two-star hotel in the Historic Center of CDMX can be found at 700 pesos per night for two peoplealthough you will not have many luxuries, you will be close to the best places in this beautiful city and you will not have to worry much about touring the place and knowing its nightlife.

On the other hand, and in the area known as Cuauhtémoc, you can find hotels up to five stars that offer all the amenities, including a swimming pool that you can enjoy for 2 thousand 300 pesos the night for two people.

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