How much does the “Basteri Collection” clothes cost, the line inspired by Luis Miguel’s mother

Marcela Basteri with her children Luis Miguel and Álex

After several months of waiting, Alexander Basteri has already launched its clothing line inspired by Marcela Basteri, who disappeared 35 years ago. The brother of Luis Miguel decided to pay tribute to his mother with some garments within which stand out a couple of shirts with an individual cost of up to 1,895 A thousand pesos.

The 49-year-old businessman announced the launch of his clothing line Basteri collection on his Instagram account, where he reaffirmed that the garments were created inspired by his mother and specified that, for the moment, the only means by which they can be accessed will be through the official website of the brand.

Alejandro Basteri caused a sensation among the users of the platform with his publication, who managed to get a first look at the garments from the collection’s Instagram profile, where in addition to the line’s logo, a couple of shirts that refer to to the garments that Marcela Basteri usually wore.

(Capture: @ abasteri / Instagram)
(Capture: @ abasteri / Instagram)

The first garment is a White shirt long-sleeved with a red line at the top edge of the shoulder and costs 1,795 thousand pesos. According to the description that the businessman himself placed on Instagram, this detail means “Life and the beating of the heart!”.

The second shirt is satin in black with long sleeves, armed collar and slopes 1,895 thousand pesos. It is worth mentioning that, unlike the white shirt, this garment does not have a special distinctive other than the brand label on the left sleeve.

Apparently, the shirts can be purchased by men and women, because on the official website of Basteri collection A couple of tables are available where the measurements of each of the garments are specified according to the physical characteristics of the human body.

(Capture: @ basterricolletion / Instagram)
(Capture: @ basterricolletion / Instagram)

The clothing line can now be purchased through the official website and, due to opening, the selected articles will be sent from next December 15, with an estimated waiting time of 3 to 4 business days.

The Basteri brand also has an accessories section among which a bag, shoes, wallets and a leather belt stand out, as well as a face mask and a cap. Alejandro Basteri himself defines his clothing brand as innovative, avant-garde and personal with which “The legacy becomes an inspiration!”.

It was several months ago when Alejandro Basteri announced that he was planning to make a clothing line inspired by Marcela Basteri. In a publication he made on his Instagram profile within the framework of “Mothers Day”, Luis Miguel’s brother wrote a heartfelt message for his mother and indicated that he would pay tribute to her.

(Capture: @ abasteri / Instagram)
(Capture: @ abasteri / Instagram)

Many people pass through our lives, but only very few come to occupy a great place in our hearts. Soon we will make the best tribute to who I love and who deserves it, happy mother’s day !!”He wrote next to a photo of the Italian.

Marcela Basteri’s life was shrouded in mystery since she separated from Luisito Rey, father of her three children Luis Miguel, Alejandro and Sergio. The native of Italy disappeared in 1986 at age 40 and the last that is known of her is that she would meet her ex-partner in Spain. Since then to date, his whereabouts are unknown.

However, the interpreter of When the sun heats revealed how he lived the disappearance of his mother and the information he collected over the years in Luis Miguel, the series.


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