How much is Roberto Palazuelos’ fortune and what businesses does he have?

PHOTO: Instagram / @ robertopalazuelosbadeaux

During this week, the lawyer, businessman and television personality, Roberto Palazuelos, faced the accusations made by the Mexican journalist, Lydia Cacho, who pointed out that he participated in a network of money laundering, dispossession and disappearances in Tulum, Quintana Roo; state where he intends to launch a campaign to win the governorship in the next elections.

Through her Twitter account, the writer of The demons of Eden She spoke about the aspirations of the “Black Diamond”, as she is also known, and recalled that the businessman has committed such crimes, according to a journalistic investigation that she carried out in 2015.

Roberto Palazuelos and Lydia Cacho
Photos: Instagram @ robertopalazuelosbadeaux // EFE

In response to this, Roberto threatened to take legal action against her for defamation and even claimed that Lydia was hired to try to damage her image. Fact that she encouraged, since in this way some cases of “deception” that she knows would come to light and there would be the possibility of making a collective complaint.

Roberto Palazuelos has been one of the most controversial figures in recent years. Beyond his political aspirations and his eccentric career as part of reality shows and soap operas, Big Brother and Girls, is known for the success it has had in the hotel industry and other businesses as a clothing brand and even a business to market Cannabidiol (CBD) products by Vicente Fox.

PHOTO: Instagram / @ ahautulum
Photograph of the Ahau Tulum hotel, owned by Palazuelos. Same that was closed for a few months in 2021 due to renovations. PHOTO: Instagram / @ ahautulum

According to the site specializing in calculating the net worth of celebrities based on public information, or first hand of the famous and their representatives, Celebrity Net Worth, Roberto Palazuelos’ fortune amounts to USD 12 million.

Amount that he would have sewn thanks to his multiple companies and businesses. In the hotel branch, Palazuelos owns three hotels in Quintana Roo. One of them, the Ahau Tulum hotel, It is located on the Tulum-Boca de Paila highway and stands out in the area for a 10-meter sculpture created by the artist Daneil Dopper.

Roberto Palazuelos
Photography of Roberto Palazuelos promoting his clothing brand “Papi palazuelos” (Photo: Instagram / @robpalazuelosbadeaux)

Hotel Casa Agape It is another of the hotels that Palazuelos owns in the heart of the Caribbean tourist spot. It is a somewhat small boutique hotel, but it has many attractions for tourists due to its architecture. He also owns the Hotel Diamante K, which is located in front of the Tulum National Park, a Protected Natural Area (ANP) since 1981.

On the other hand, among his most recent businesses, in June of last year Roberto Palazuelos confirmed the partnership he formed with the PAN Vicente Fox Quesada to enter the marijuana commercial sector.

(Photo: Roberto Palazuelos / Instagram)
Roberto Palazuelos and Vicente Fox reached a commercial agreement in 2021 (Photo: Roberto Palazuelos / Instagram)

“I tell you that I acquired social capital of the company Paradise, who is dedicated to the marijuana business, I am formally a partner of the former president @vicentefoxq and of the businessman @marcusdantus. I am excited about this new company, in which I am sure we will go far ”, he commented through his Instagram account.

Remember that the company Paradise signed an agreement with politician Fox in 2020 to participate in the development of around 400 stores. According to the director of the firm, Fernando Díaz, to Universal, they worked with Fox to “Put our stores in the main tourist places of the country.”

Roberto Palazuelos - Vicente Fox - Shop - CBD
This is how the stores of Paradise, a Vicente Fox company, where Roberto Palazuelos is a partner look (Photo: Facebook / @ Paradise1Mx)

Finally, Palazuelos also has a clothing brand: Papi Palazuelos. Through its online store, the brand sells all kinds of products for women, men and even children.

Especially t-shirts that They vary in price from 300 to 400 Mexican pesos. Although it is also possible to find other products such as bathrobes and caps that reach a thousand pesos.


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