How much is Shakira getting paid to promote Sabritas, the Mexican name for Lay’s?

Shakira diversifies income by becoming a brand ambassador for a Pepsico potato chip brand, earning an estimated 3-5 million dollars.

Shakira is proving her versatility by diversifying her income and entering the advertising world. While her music continues to generate millions of dollars with each new release, the artist decided to expand her reach by becoming the face of a well-known brand of potato chips belonging to the Pepsico group.

Seeking to advertise potato chips has highlighted her charisma and allowed her familiar image to be effectively exploited in advertising campaigns. The brand ambassador has already starred in two commercials that have captured the attention of audiences of all ages.

Shakira. Source: Instagram @portalshakira

How many millions does Shakira make in potato chip advertising?

Her team has not officially confirmed the money Shakira earns for participating in this ad campaign, which is estimated to be between 3 and 5 million dollars. This sum reflects her influence and popularity and her ability to cross borders and appeal to various segments of the population.

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That the Colombian is the face of Sabritas potato chips is not surprising, as the singer has demonstrated her acting ability on previous occasions. Her charisma and on-screen presence have translated into an attractive and likable image for audiences, making her an ideal choice for brands seeking a genuine connection with their consumers.

Shakira adds value to the potato chip brand in terms of visibility and recognition and establishes an emotional association with consumers. By presenting her as a familiar figure, the brand can resonate with audiences of different ages and backgrounds, thus creating a stronger and more lasting relationship.