How much is the dollar trading in Mexico this Thursday, February 24?

Price of the dollar in Mexico, this February 24.

Photo: john-guccione/Pexels

This Thursday the US currency appreciates in its value, at the beginning of the exchange day on February 24. Trading at a price at the beginning of the day is 20.40 pesos per green currency. An appreciation of 1.3% for the dollar compared to yesterday’s close.

Regarding the average price of bank window, we have that for the purchase the dollar is located at 20.18 pesos per unit and for the sale the price is 20.62 pesos per dollarin its price in real time and with an upward trend.

The financial markets in general, woke up hit by the beginning of the Russian bombing of Ukraine, of course, the most depreciated currency is the Russian ruble.

The prices of raw materials are also soaring and some even reach their historical maximum price, such as aluminum, which has risen 4.7% so far.

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