How much is the fortune of Valentín Elizalde, that his daughters are fighting?

This February 1st, the world of grupera music would celebrate 43 years of Valentin Elizalde, who died as a result of an armed attack in 2006.

the so-called ‘Golden rooster’ He would have garnered numerous awards for his musical career and would certainly leave a large inheritance to his daughters.

Precisely the daughters of Valentín would sue their grandmother for the singer’s inheritance, an issue that has been handled in recent days in the media.

Fortune of Valentin Elizalde

Fortune of Valentín Elizalde The golden ‘Rooster’ would be 43 years old

Although his musical career was short, the singer would have managed to make a name for himself in the group industry, being highly valued for presentations.

your close friend Mario “The Puppy” Delgado, assured that the singer received around 1.5 million pesos per presentation, adding to that sometimes it was presented up to three times a week.

In addition, it is well known that the singer liked to wear expensive clothes and high-end jewelry, so it is known that he enjoyed a great fortune.

For this reason, the beautiful daughters of the singer assure the inheritance is greater than that of his uncle and brother of the interpreter, Francisco Elizalde, declared.

The ‘Golden Rooster’ would be 43 years old

The ‘Golden Rooster’ would be 43 years old

As previously mentioned in AmericanPost.News, the singer would have turned 43 years old this February 1, however a crime took his life.

Elizalde died as a result of an armed attack on November 24, 2006, being the last concert of the ‘Golden Rooster’ in a palenque in Tamauilpas.

15 years after the death of Valentin Elizabeth, his name is still in force in the popularity charts and therefore he continues to reap royalties for his music.

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