How much is your phone worth, discover phone value with this tool

How much is your phone worth. If you are thinking of buying a new phone, one way to get some of the cost is to sell the old one. You might be wondering, “I’m not going to get a lot of money for it,” but how are you sure about that? A digital tool can help you determine if changing your phone is worth it.’s Smartphone Depreciation Calculator shows you the value of many devices compared to their manufacturer’s initial prices.

This tool shows how much your phone is worth

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If your phone is in its database, this tool will also tell you:

  • If your phone was a good investment
  • How much value has it lost since you bought it
  • If you could have had a better value with another model

A recent comparison between certain iPhone and Android models shows that Apple devices have a slight edge when it comes to resale value, but that may not apply to the model you own.

See how much your phone is worth here

The Smartphone Depreciation Calculator has data on a large number of phone brands: iPhone, Samsung, Google, LG and Motorola. Choose the link that corresponds to the brand of your phone. Then scroll down to enter the device’s model number in the search box. Filed Under: How Much Your Phone Is Worth

Final notes

The coronavirus sinks global stock markets.  Smartphone application shows the collapse of the stock market due to the global crisis of the Coronavirus virus.

Use the tool to see the value of my iPhone. My iPhone 8 (256GB) in good condition is worth $ 242, which is 74.5% in depreciation. God! Here are more results for the iPhone 8 based on its conditions:

Now that you know how much your phone is worth, you can sell it if you want. Besides, here are other sites to sell your device. Because I am a huge fan of Amazon Renewed repaired phones, in my next upgrade I plan to use the Smartphone Depreciation Calculator to measure if I am getting anything good. Filed Under: How Much Your Phone Is Worth

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