How old is Andres Garcia?

A representative face in Mexican soap operas It is that of the first actor Andrés García, who, thanks to his masculine charms, his overwhelming personality and his talent has dazzled many fans in the world who have made him their sex symbol since his youth.

It is no wonder that for these virtues they follow him in each artistic step he takes in his career and in each new story, where thanks to his undoubted gift for the performance manages to convince and move even the hardest hearts.

Fortunately, the famous actor Andrés García enjoys being away from the cameras, although from time to time they look for him for an interview where he gives details of his life or tells an anecdote from his youth.

How old is Andrés García in Pedro Navajas?

Andrés García in Pedro Navajas Andrés García suffered an accident The actor was related to big stars

The outstanding actor Andrés García, was born on May 24, 1941 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, years later he became a Mexican citizen, he is a successful actor, director and producer.

In his biography it is highlighted that he lived a quiet childhood close to his parents who had Spanish ancestry, his father was Andrés García Calle, known as “the street”, he was a famous aviator from the country where he was born, being still very small he moved next to them to Mexico, where they started a new life.

It is said that he was only 26 years old when the outstanding and handsome actor Andrés García achieved fame with “Pedro Navajas”, which opened the door for him as a singer to the entertainment world.

What happened to Andrés García?

Andrés García suffered an accident The actor was related to big stars

Not long ago a photograph of Andrés García from a hospital bed has caused a lot of controversy, as the renowned actor turned on the alarms again by showing the large bruise he has on his back as a result of the spectacular fall he suffered inside his house .

“I was looking for what hat or cap I was going to put on there [señaló un perchero]where the hats are, and somehow, since I had fallen down the outside stairs before, I think my knee was hit and I was left without strength, “said the actor.

Among other details, the famous actor commented that during the fall he not only hit his back, but also his chest because one of the heathers of the coat rack hit near the area where the heart is, a situation that fortunately did not escalate to something more serious.

How many times did Andrés García get married?

The actor was related to big stars

As a sex symbol in the field of entertainment, many women followed the famous actor, but few women fully conquered his heart and married him.

Andrés García, originally from Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, and living in Mexico, married for the first time in 1967 with Sandra Vale with whom he had two children: actors Leonardo García and Andrés García Jr.

Of this last of the offspring it is known that he is the one who has been most aware of the mythical actor, but in 1974, Andrés García married Fernanda Ampudia, a relationship from which the actress and television presenter Andrea García was born.

During the 1980s, Andrés García married Sonia Infante, whom he divorced 12 years later, but Sonia died on July 16, 2018, at the age of 75, due to cardiac arrest.

Finally, the star that is Andrés García, in 2013, married Margarita Portillo, from whom he separated in 2018, after 20 years together.

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