How old was Antonio Aguilar when he starred in the Lamberto Quintero movie?

Mexico. Lamberto Quintero is one of the many films starring the late singer Antonio Aguilar, which he filmed on stages in his homeland: Zacatecas.

Antonio Aguilar was accompanied as part of the artistic cast in Lamberto Quintero by actresses such as Angélica Aragón, Marcela Rubiales, Merle Uribe and Lourdes Villarreal, among others.

But, how old was Antonio Aguilar when he faced that character in Mexican cinema? According to information in his biography, Mr. Aguilar was born in 1919, therefore He was 67 years old when he filmed Lamberto Quintero.

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Lamberto Quintero was shot in late 1986 and early 1987 and in this film also took part band La Costeña of Mr. Ramón López Alvarado, who musically accompanied Mr. Aguilar, Marcela Rubiales and Angélica Aragón in various songs.

In the plot of Lamberto Quintero, which was a story of action and drama, the story of a man who everyone turns to for help and money is told; he is envied for his power and wealth, but has to fight against another leader.

Lamberto and the other character are deadly enemies and fate is in charge of putting them face to face to “settle personal accounts”, not without first doing the impossible to achieve their goals.

In Lamberto Quintero, other actors who at that time were just beginning an acting career appeared during its filming, including Armando Araiza, Omar Fierro and Sebastián Ligarde.

Lamberto Quintero is one of the films that is frequently broadcast on many of the television channels that show Cine Mexicano.

Don Antonio Aguilar, who appeared in around 150 films, died on June 19, 2007 at the age of 88 due to complications from pneumonia and his remains are found at the El Soyate ranch, near Tayahua, municipality of Villanueva, Zacatedas, where he was originally from.

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