How Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete met

The singers were great friends, but they only worked together once (Photos: SIC México // Mediateca/INAH)

For a long time it was thought that Pedro Infante Y Jorge Negrete kept a rivalry or enmity due to the fact that both catapulted their fame almost at the same time during the Golden era of Mexican cinema, but in reality, both were willing to support each other’s career since they met.

Jorge Negrete managed to position himself as one of the most coveted singers and actors of the seventh art since 1941 with the film Oh, Jalisco, don’t back down!the first film that even took him to jump to the international public.

In those years, Pedro Infante was beginning to enter the world of performancebut he already had a long career in the music that had started from Sinaloa, where he established himself as a musician and singer thanks to his father.

Between his appearances on the radio and the beginning of his film career with secondary characters, he met minerva gonzalezwho at the time knew Carmen Barajasintimate friend and secretary of Jorge Negrete.

Pedro Infante
Pedro Infante had his first appearances on the big screen in the early 1940s with films like “The Flower Fair” (Photo: Facebook/Golden Age)

González introduced Pedro to Barajas and she was delighted. The man from Sinaloa with his way of being, extroverted and funny, managed to attract the attention of Carmen, who very gladly agreed to take it with Negreteso infant I wanted to ask you for support to make his name carry more weight in the movies.

Carmen remembered that she quoted the Idol of the People on a Sunday afternoon at the house of Singing Charro. He arrived on time and very well dressed. At that time, not only was Jorge in his residence, but there were other members of his family, even so he received Infante. Barajas introduced them and, after a little chat, Negrete gave her colleague a guitar and said: “Let’s see, sing to me”because he wanted to know Pedro’s talent.

It occurred to the Sinaloan to sing nocturnalone of the songs that he would later sing again, but already consecrated as one of the most important film actors in his golden years.

Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante in two types of care
The singers, despite their completely opposite personalities, became very close friends (Photo: Facebook/Cine de Oro Mexicano)

When he finished his little presentation, Jorge was also fascinated for Pedro’s abilities and assured him that he would help him in any way he could so that his acting career would rise.

By then the Rodriguez brotherswho produced Oh, Jalisco, don’t give up! they already had a very good relationship with Negrete, so he introduced his colleague to the filmmakers and recommended.

The Rodriguezes gladly accepted Pedro, for not only was he backed by one of their stars, but his talent was evident in movies like Jesusita in Chihuahua, one of the first where he got the star role. Brothers they hired him for five years as exclusive after having participated in Mexicans to the cry of war, with each film they would pay him 25 thousand pesos.

However, Infante was already receiving job offers from different producers. The interpreter of There in the big ranch He decided to intervene to ask the Rodríguez give up exclusivity so that Pedro could continue to grow his career.

jorge negrete and pedro infante how they met - golden age
Diana Negrete claimed that her father was the one who sponsored Infante for his first films with star roles (Photo: Facebook/Jorge Negrete Forever)

As Diana Negrete recalled, her father also recommended Pedro to do the second version of Oh, Jalisco, don’t back down! when she found out that it was being planned to bring her back to the screen, that’s why Pedro Infante got the star character of the machine gunachieving great success with the same character that catapulted Jorge’s fame.

Although the man from Guanajuato was always very friendly with the protagonist of TizocIsmael Rodríguez assured that Infante never managed to talk about “you” to Negretebecause I felt a lot of respect for him as an artist and person, even to place the credits of Two types of care the Idol of Guamuchil he would have liked his friend’s name to be first.


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