How tall is Mayrín Villanueva, protagonist of soap operas

Many have wondered on several occasions how tall Mayrin Villanueva and it is that for being the protagonist of soap operas many think that she is a tall woman, because they think that to be stellar you must have an exact measurement, but the reality is that her height is small for which we will tell you what it is.

Mayrín Villanueva is a woman who measures 1.65, while her husband Eduardo Santamarina, 1.91 m, making clear the great difference between the two, because usually some fans thought that the Mexican actress was a little taller, but everything turned out otherwise.

Even when both are in an interview, you can see how huge the Mexican actor is, next to the mother of his daughter, so for many it is surprising to see them together, but at the same time tender, because many love to see such a man taking care of his pretty wife.

As if that were not enough, the fact that she is a fitness woman makes Mayrín Villanueva look much younger, so not everything that is seen on television is as we think, it must be made clear that she rarely likes to walk in heels TV star, because she is a more practical woman with sports shoes, but when it comes to dressing up, she attracts the attention of anyone.

For those who do not know, the artist has also established herself as a person who dresses spectacularly, since many of her fans are struck when she wears her straight dresses or pleated skirt with which she looks very nice, as well as her spectacular hairstyles.

Although many already know it, the soap opera Si Nos Dejan ended recently, so the public is attentive to the new project that he will carry out in April, since in a video he made recently he confessed that he will continue making soap operas and the next one will be the week that is coming, so he has the whole month of March to prepare, in addition to resting from the past melodrama, which was very successful, as it reached a very good rating.

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